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Anyone have the Apple brand AC Adapter?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by XxCH3AT3RxX, Dec 28, 2007.

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    For anyone who has the apple brand AC adapter and the box or know of a sites that tells the Input and Output amounts it would help me a lot. I just ordered a 3rd party AC Adapter and I want to see how close it is to the Apple brand so it doesn't over/under power it. It should say on the box or in the manual I think.
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    Sorry I don't know, but I'm curious if it works. Apparently the latest iPods (and latest firmware updates to video ipods even!) require resistance over a couple of data pins in addition to voltage over the charging pins. This stops most 3rd party chargers from even registering. Why, nobody knows, though the cynical amongst us presume it's Apple's way of forcing people to buy the official chargers.

    If you require details, Google is your friend :)
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    (sorry, not on Topic)I use a Macally usb charger that is not specifically a ipod charger, but it works on both my 5g ipod and 3g nano. I also use the minty boost charger I made and it also works.
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    You mean like this one that came with my 4G iPod? (FireWire FTW)

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    Well I do not know the difference between firewire and the regular one. But I want to know about the apple brand that is made by apple. lol
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    I have the one that came with the iPhone and it states:

    Input: 100-240v~ 0.15A 50-60Hz Output: 5V 1A

    Is that what you were looking for?
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    Alright thank you a lot. It matches everything on the one I bought.

    here it is http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.25

    I have been buying off that site for a long time and I love it. Lot of cheap iPod stuff and I got a charger for $5. Reviews said it works fine and look exactly like apple one but I just wanted to make sure, thanks.

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