iPad mini Anyone have the Targus Versavu for iPad Mini?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by DJinTX, Nov 8, 2012.

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    If you have this case I am hoping you can help me. I like my wife's versavu for iPad2. it is constructed and designed very well, and is fine for an iPad2, but might be a bit thick for a mini. Since I can't find any pics online from the side that shows the thickness with the mini inside, I was hoping someone here had it and could post a pic.

    Thanks in advance~
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    add an 1/8 inch top and bottom....
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    Do you have the case or did you find the product dimensions somewhere?
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    I had it. Returned it. Magnets didn't work and it didn't close.
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    So not a good product overall then if it doesn't close. I'm thinking I will look for something else. Too bad though, the iPad2 version works well.
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    I bought the iPad 3 version months ago and it works fine, but Targus guessed the specs of the Mini. They are probably fixed now (online) but the ones in Best Buy were the rumors specs ones. I'll probably get one again when they update the cases.
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    Good info, thanks~
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    My Targus works good and it closes. It offers great positions and great protection. I would recommend it.
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    Sounds like maybe you have a newer one based on correct specs. Does it feel like it adds a lot of thickness?
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    Is there a hole on the back of the case?
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    It adds thickness but its expected for all the different positions. It has a hole in the back not perfectly centered but its a solid well made case with lots of function.
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    Targus Ipad Mini Case (Vuscape)

    Recently was given an Ipad Mini as a present. Came with this Targus Case. After 30 days the case is a piece of crap.. Does not hold the Mini, has dropped out of it twice the last time was onto concrete. Contacted Targus there reply was.. We do not cover "Incidental Damage" I was somewhat stunned as the case is obviously defective.. It was not "accidental damage" they specifically used the term "Incidental Damage". Which means that any damage regardless of how it occurred with a "defective product" they will not cover. The case has warped with the humidity, will not allow the pad to stand up, and will not maintain a typing position.. This thing is a piece of Junk.. The pad actually fell forward out of the case while i was taking a pic with it. Targus is not a company to do business with EVER... My next email is to the calif dept of consumer affairs.

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