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Anyone having trouble with credit card?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by sactown, Jul 14, 2008.

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    I'm trying to upgrade my individual account to a family account, but everytime I enter an updated credit car number, I get an error stating "server error, validation error" I have tried multiple credit cards and have checked to make sure I entered the numbers correctly.
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    Credit Card

    I get the same thing. I get a "CreditCardAuthError" on the top of the window, than it says to try again later.

    MobileMe's payment system is broken. I hope they fix it soon, as I am also trying to upgrade to a Family Pack.
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    Credit Card

    I've got the same problem. Unfortunately, after I naturally re-tried to upgrade a couple of times, I now have three $50 holds on my account. I'm assuming they will disappear, but I can't find any Apple support contact info to follow up on it.

    Either way, I still haven't successfully upgraded and don't want to try again until I know that it will work.

    Has anyone successfully upgraded from individual to Family?
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    I just upgraded to a Family Pack about 1/2hr ago, so try again. It worked for me.
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    Credit Card

    Thanks. It worked.

    Now hopefully I won't have four individual charges go through. Considering how everything else has worked this last week, I wouldn't be surprised...

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