Anyone here have a Sanyo PLV-Z5 projector? Problems with shadow detail.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ravenvii, Nov 2, 2008.

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    I got a Sanyo PLV-Z5 projector. I'm super-impressed with it's flexibility in placement (I previously owned an Acer DLP projector, which is extremely limited in placement).

    But the picture, while good on brighter scenes, sucks on darker scenes. It's simply too dark. Even when I turn the brightness all the way up, the details aren't there. It's just too much black. I can see much more shadow detail on my laptop screen than on my projector screen. For example, in the scene in the cave in The Incredible Hulk, I can see the details of the cave and the Hulk himself on the laptop screen, but can't see any details on the cave walls, and can barely see the Hulk, on the projected picture.

    What's strange is that in the reviews I read, they say this projector has great shadow detail.

    So what's going on here? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Cave Man

    You might try calibrating it - make sure it's on for 30 min before doing so. I have the z2000 and it's quite nice in shadow detail. But both are LCD and DLP are usually better with dark scenes and shadows. The perfect projector doesn't exist yet, but I'm happier with my LCD than I was with my Toshiba DLP.
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    Turns out it's not the fault of the projector, but the fault of OS X. When I changed the color profile from Sanyo PLV-Z5 (the default) to Generic RGB, it's all clear now. Weird, but I'm glad!

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