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Anyone here have a XE-1? or Nex-6?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JeffiJers, Jan 25, 2013.

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    New photographer here.. Have been spending a LOT of time researching and originally I planned on buying a Nice DSLR, d600. The more time i spent reading about the new mirror-less system I believe it would be the best for me.

    I have no problem bringing this with my everywhere, while its cheaper and more compact then a SLR. It wont perform like the fullframe but in the end if i have a larger album from one event do to the compact, that is fine by me.

    I have gathered all the information between the XE1 and NEX6 and to me its a Draw,

    pro's - hand down better still image, love the retro design, fast glass lens in the kit for (will do a lot of low light) Very drawn to it
    con's - 1400$, rather bad video (not buying for video) have to order off amazon. Not sure if LR4.2 is compatible yet?

    pro's - PRICE! can get the "kit" + 16mm wide angel for around 900. Good video, RAW with LR.
    Con's image not quite as good as XE1, supplied lens is not fast.

    Just looking for real world experience with these cameras. Any input would be helpful! thank you everyone.
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    I've written a ton about the Fujifilm X-E1 on here lately (though it mostly has gone ignored it seems) but, coming from higher-end Canon DSLRs and also shooting medium format film, I have to say the Fujifilm X-E1 is one of the most delightful cameras I have ever used!

    I personally shoot in all manual mode with all of my cameras, and for the new mirrorless cameras on the market, the X-E1 lends itself best for this with the retro, physical dials. And the image quality is outstanding for an APS-C sensor. It's because they are not using an anti-aliasing filter like all other digital cameras; but they avoid the bad moire by not using the standard Bayer pattern on the sensor, thus, better quality than even some full-frame sensor cameras (according to all the experts that I have linked to in previous posts about this.) There's a reason even Leica owners are buying the X-E1 as a second, "backup" camera and then instead using it as their main camera; great image quality, light and compact (for street photography) classic, familiar controls and inexpensive (compared to a Leica or even most better DSLRs.) There is nothing not to like about it.

    As for Lightroom, there is a lot of mixed and misleading comments about the X-E1 not working with Lightroom. Most of these are from people who have tried the older X-Pro 1 using LR 4.1 But I only shoot in RAW, using the latest version of Lightroom, and I have not encountered one problem nor the "smearing" problem people report.

    Here was my first test photo I did with the Fujifilm X-E1 shot in RAW mode (I didn't get the kit lens, I opted for the 35mm f/1.4 which is an amazing lens! And my local store had them in stock.) One continuous light source.


    1/250 ƒ/1.4 ISO200 35mm
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    I have the Nex-7 and love it. To your list add limited lens selection. It's improving but nowhere near what is available for Canon or Nikon DSLRs.

    The small size is great for taking it places you might not want to take a larger camera.
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    Thank you, I appreciate that. I really love (and I mean LOVE) the Fujifilm X-E1, but to be honest, from what I hear of the Sony NEX-6 or 7, you can't go wrong with those either. Either way, it's a great time for mirrorless cameras!
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    I have the XE1 (and X100 and XPro1) and they've completely replaced my Canon 5D2.

    I've not used the Sony (I held one once for about a minute), but from what I understand the image quality is also superb, the handling is TOTALLY different, and -- again from what I hear -- there's only one really good lens, the Carl Zeiss 24mm.

    You need to hold both cameras.

    Have you thought about buying a used Fuji to save money?
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    Thank you! I agree on all the points made and unfortinatly I dont think I will ever be able to hold a Fuji. Called a lot of stores and no one stocks them.

    I would have no problem buying used, but the Xe1 in classified is almost non existent
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    A used X-Pro1 is possibly cheaper than a new XE1, worth checking?
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    I think the decision is very easy in the end: these are two good, but completely different cameras. If you prefer working with old school cameras, it's a no-brainer, go for the X-E1. I'm patiently waiting for the X100s …*
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    I have to say, the new Fuji is the first digital camera to really tempt me into a purchase. I am curious--how does it handle with manual focus? And have you tried using it with non-Fuji lenses via an adapter?
  11. genshi, Jan 27, 2013
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    It's fly-by-wire so it doesn't have the same feel as an old school manual lens; sometimes you have to turn the focus ring more than you should to get it right (which is a little frustrating) but there is a quick auto-focus button on the back that you can use to get the initial focus and then grab the ring and fine tune it manually. Works good that way.

    I haven't tried other lenses yet, but I will be getting the M-mount adapter and the Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm f/4.0 Pancake Lens shortly.
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    Adapted lenses work very well on the X-Pro1. You have to use the EVF for focus, but I find this fairly straightforward with lenses at or below 135mm. You can also do a 3x or 10x zoom to confirm critical focus, if needed.

    And the best part of the X-Pro1/X-E1 system is that the back flange distance is so short that virtually any lens can be adapted to it.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm used to using mechanical beasts, so I don't really care that much if the autofocus is superfast or being able to shoot 90 frames a second in the dark. Getting image quality I can live with is more important to me and being able to use my current stock of lenses with it would be a valuable bonus, though I know that these days there are adapters available that will allow many lens/body combinations.
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    Just replaced my D5000 with a NEX-6. No regrets. Much smaller size and photos are just as good if not better than the D5000, IMO. Video recording is way better. I was looking to downsize as I already have a D800 that I use for the serious stuff. I too looked at the Fuji Ex-1 and came to the conclusion that for pure photography, the Ex-1 has the advantage. However, I wanted a device that can take great photos as well as video and I think the NEX-6 has the upper hand from this perspective. Either way, I don't think you can wrong - you just need to weigh your options.

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    I have both X100S and NEX-6

    I am having a VERY hard time deciding between X100S and NEX-6. I have both any can only keep one. Recently upgraded from NEX-5R so I have a lot of NEX lenses which makes decision harder.

    X100S is a much nicer camera to shoot with, as the controls feel like they were made for a camera. Sony controls by comparison feel like made by a general electronics company.

    Small thing may not get mentioned, while both cameras can be quite slim, the X100S feels more confident in a pocket as the lens cap wraps around the outside of the lens. The Sony lens cap which grabs onto the threads inside the lens barrel not only sticks out more, but feels like it could come off easier. So X100S slimmer and feels more confident in transport.

    I think except for long zoom though, and macro the fixed lens of the X100S is as capable as the multitude of lenses for the NEX system.

    NEX-6 is a much better stealth street camera due to the flip out LCD. Holding a camera up to your face is no where near as stealth as holding one at waist level. NEX-6 can also have its shutter remote controlled by a smart phone, much nicer than "timer" shots where you want to get yourself into the picture. WiFi setup is awkward though. While Wifi from an iPhone to an NEX camera works fine, strangely NEX cameras do not work with Apple Airport wireless routers. They see them as no signal when there is a high signal and even if they grab it momentarily it will never stay connected. All non-wireless Apple routers I have tried work fine.

    I don't think they extra low light sensitivity of the X makes any real world difference between the still very capable low light of the Sony.

    As to the X100S having superb OOC JPEGs well yes it defintely does. But are they perfect? NO. I still find I have to adjust them in lightroom. Whether light balance is closer or further from reality, in both cases it is just a one touch eyedropper reference to correct the while balanace.

    My newborn daughter has lots of dark hair. Always lose the details in her hair even with the Fuji. Have to adjust shadows in lightroom.

    So both cameras require post-processing IMO.

    OTOH for all the complaints I have heard about Fuji X RAW files still being a problem in lightroom 4.4, I just don't see the problem. Works great for me and better than starting with Fuji JPEG. Maybe you have to be an uber-obsessed pixel peeper to see it.

    Hope this helps. I realise I am a little late to the thread but I know people are till doing a lot of comparing between these.

    Maybe for starting out fresh an XE-1 with a few lenses would be the better investment than starting fresh with an NEX-6. Biggest killer for the Fuji is the shutter speed. Not as good on the XE-1 and the Fuji X100S with firmware 1.1 as it now delivers, or with firmware 1.2 as now available, does not have great focus speed as so many reviews claim. The NEX-6 with hybrid PDAF focus kills the Fuji X100S. Then again neither is as amazing as the OMD in good light (which I have also owned).
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    Interesting thread.

    I've been trying to decide between the X-E1 and the NEX 6, and two days ago placed an order for the NEX 6.

    I think the Fujis look fantastic for stills. The lens quality and lack of antiailiasing filter produce incredibly sharp shots. I really like the design too.

    For me though, this is a second camera to my Canon 5DII (and a replacement for my Panasonic GX1 - I want a 3:2 sensor!). I wanted small size and real flexibility.

    The NEX 6 has real flexibility. The video mode is great, the sensor works well with Leica format glass (I have a Voigtlander 15), there are some good lenses finally, there are smaller lenses than the Fuji has, built in timelapse mode will be useful...

    Additionally, what pushes me in Sony's direction is the interesting prospect of full frame from this same camera mount in the future!
  17. Ish
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    I went the opposite way firestarter! I've also got the 5DII and at first got the NEX 7 (replacement for the Canon S95!) to complement it but was disappointed with the 18-55 and, not wanting to wait 5 or 6 months for the Zeiss 32mm to come out, I returned it. It felt great in the hand though. I ended up with an X-E1 and am very pleased with it but have no interest in video so the situation is different.
  18. JDDavis, May 3, 2013
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    Not to hijack the thread but...:rolleyes: I have been considering adding a mirrorless to the stable (the stable only consists of a D90) recently, especially with a month long trip in Wyoming coming up. I was looking at the Nikon 1 series, mainly for the lens compatibility with the adapter, but I'm not that impressed by them.

    I've always been impressed with the Fuji X series though. Here's my question. The EX-1 and X100S come in around $1,300 to $1,400. The X20 can be had for abour $600. Is there $700 worth of difference between them?

    The X20 has a 2/3 sensor instead of the 23.6 x 15.6 in the other two (12mp vs 16.3).

    The X20 has lower ISO sensitivity 12800 vs 25600.

    The X20 has a higher FPS.

    The X20 has the shortest battery life.

    The X20 does 4:3 at 4000 x 3000 where the other two will do 3:2 at 4896 x 3264.

    There are some physical differences between them but I guess the biggest difference is the sensor and low light capability. I'm a missing anything else? Does the sensor on the EX-1 and X100S simply put it in a different class. Reviews for all 3 are superb. If anyone has any experience with the X20 and the others I was just wondering what justifies the doubling in price for the high end Fujis?


    Edit* May have just answered my own question. I didn't realise initially that the X20 had a fixed lens. Looks like a really nice camera but I don't think I could settle for only 1 option on the lens. I wish I was more confident in the Nikon 1 series.
  19. Ish
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    JDDavis, Sorry I can't be a lot of help to you. The only 4/3 camera I'm familiar with is the Panasonic GH2, and that only because a friend had one. Yes, for me there's $700 worth of difference between that and the X-E1, but I've heard good things about the X20 so wouldn't like to extrapolate that far. I got the X-E1 to complement the Canon 5DII and though some people think that landscapes aren't the Fuji's best subject, for conference photos I took recently under very mixed lighting conditions, the X-E1 on auto WB was so good I didn't use the Canon after the first day.

    By the way, the Fuji X100 and X100s are both fixed lens cameras with 35mm equivalent lenses, though there is a wide-angle adapter which will take it to 28mm equivalent. You might like to check the Fuji X-Forum. There's a lot of information on there you might find useful.
  20. carlgo, May 3, 2013
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    One reason I got the Nex-7 was because it is hard for me to fight the glare off of screens and it is nicer to use the electronic view finder in bright surroundings. I the screen mostly for low shots and shots up high over people and fences. It is indeed a full-featured camera and bad results are my fault alone because I have several old high-end lenses from days of yore.

    I do admire the Fuji cameras. Really nice as well.

    When I see or handle a DSLR...they just seem huge. Even my old and quite compact and wonderful Nikon D40 seems so unnecessarily large now. I would never go back except for when needing a stabilized camera with enormous telephoto lenses.
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    X100s hands down. I have the original X100 and love it to bits. The colors, sharpness. Just everything. The small improvements they made on the s will make it the perfect camera. Yes you can't zoom but with that camera you won't want to. You definitely wouldn't regret the X100s.
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    Fujifilm X-E1 in Action!

    The photos below are [sneaky self portraits] from my iPhone, but I wanted to show the X-E1 in action; I had a major event yesterday and this was my sole camera... 7 hours of straight shooting and the X-E1 did remarkably well (all shot handheld, all manual settings, no flash used and only one battery!) Details of event below the photos.



    Behind the scenes at Infinity Tattoo for the Portland 2013 Kitchen Ink event with me photographing 11 Tattoo Artists inking 11 Chefs, then off to Imperial restaurant with each Chef making a dish inspired by the tattoo (actual photos of the event coming soon.) The camera I shot the event with was the Fujifilm X-E1 with the 35mm Lens.

    I got this particular self portrait by using the self-timer on the Camera+ app on my iPhone which was mounted in the Phocus camera case/wide-angle lens kit.

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