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Anyone in NYC actually seen the Pepsi giveaway?

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by lem0nayde, Feb 12, 2004.

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    I have yet to see a single bottle with the iTunes giveaway in the city. Also - does anyone know if it is just on regular Pepsi - or the Diet variety too?
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    Re: Anyone in NYC actually seen the Pepsi giveaway?

    I live in Colorado and haven't seen the bottles yet here, either, though a friend says he has. The caps are supposed to be on Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Sierra Mist 24 oz. and 1 liter bottles.
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    no I have been looking a lot of places (tribeca, chelsea, uws, wash. hts, village)- a co-worker says he has found some on the upper west side/harlem area around 110th street. but I am getting very angry, I have a whole pile of music in my shopping cart waiting to be bought or hopefully won.....frustrating
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    I finally found some Diet Pepsi iTunes bottles today. I don't like diet drinks, but i got one for the heck of it, and whaddayaknow, I won a song!
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    Where'd you find it - I do drink Diet Pepsi, constantly, so I could be a winner too.
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    rogueimage is registered in colorado- or are you in NYC now?? I'm getting antsy for those yellow caps....kinda like going down x-mas morning only to learn that santa claus didn't come this year..oh what's that? he did come, but he hid all of your presents in houses 2 miles away in every direction :-(
    (extreme example - yes I know, but it's how I'm feeling)
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    im in CO, and my brother got a pepsi bottle with the iTUnes giveaway. The problem is... the cap was BLUE and on the underside of it was BLANK. the little ribbon thing below the cap was yellow though. weird. Other than that i havent seen a pepsi itunes giveaway yet.:eek:
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    I'm convinced that this is a conspiracy. I really am starting to get annoyed- I almost started yelling at a pepsi delivery truck yesterday :mad: the sight of that truck made me angry
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    okay- down on 14th street there has been a iTunes cap spotting- a co-worker bought two bottles-one for me, one for him-both losers :mad: - in a bodega near Pratt, so it looks like we are seeing some infiltration in NYC!!!!
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    If you are ever in the financial district, one of the tourist trap stores around water and fulton has some.
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    So far I know of one store that has it, which is right across the street from me here in harlem. I did win one song on my first try, but I'm not all that crazy about pepsi. I'll probably keep an eye out at work and friends who like pepsi and see if they have winning caps. << Now that is free. :D

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