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Anyone know any info about 'PocketTouch', ' MobileScrobbler' and 'iPhysics'?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by bmh16, Jul 10, 2008.


Which apps are coming?

  1. All of them

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  2. None of them

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  3. PocketTouch

    1 vote(s)
  4. MobileScrobbler

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  5. iPhysics

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    A few awesome jailbroken apps haven't made their way into the app store. Yet?

    PocketTouch (extremely useful use friendly app which makes the iPod Touch/iPhone more user friendly than the trad iPods imo, google it up if you dunno what it is)

    MobileScrobbler (i love last.fm and it is such a good way to scrobble music!)

    iPhysics (such a good clever game, once again google it if you want)

    Anyone with any word on these apps appearing in the app store then?
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    MobileScrobbler's the one I'm waiting for (or better yet - an official Last.fm app).

    I like the Last.fm site, but most of my music-playing is on my iPod, and I can't seem to ever get any of the various iPod scrobbling/syncing software to work, or it messes up my computers somehow. So a direct play/scrobble app from my iPhone would be PERFECT!

    If anyone has any news of something like this on the way, please let us know here!!
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    It's been confirmed on the mobilescrobbler website that it is coming to the app store soon :D

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