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Anyone Know the Cheapest Place to Get 15.2" G4 Powerbook LCD's?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by monkey86, Aug 16, 2008.

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    Doesn't have to be apple branded as long as it will fit and work in my g4 powerbook 15" 1ghz (1280x854)

    please help!

    and yes ive tried ebay!
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    How is that going to help him? He is from London and you posted Sacramento, CA craigslist??:confused:

    OP: Go onto eBay and look or try iFixit.
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    hehe thanks for the effort tho :) ive had a look on ebay unfortunately im going to have to be lucky and get a fried logic board or case part mac for spares as my 15" is the low res 1280x854 lcd - unless the higher res one will work?

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    My brothers computer shop ships internationally. He is the one that does the logic board repairs for $250 across the world. He has an LCD for you and cheap!

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    I'm curious...what are your warranties on logice board repairs? Also, how does he repair a bad logic board?
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    The warranty varies on the model being repaired. The minimum is 90 days but usually 6 months atleast. It depends on the model like I said. He has a $100,000 dollar machine that removes and then replaces the chips that go bad on the logic board. This greatly reduces your cost because you do not have to buy a whole new logic board for 850 dollars....

    The only catch is he does not want to repair computers that other people have already tried the "shade tree" types of repairs first. That makes it much harder on him and is not fair for a service that saves you %75 of what it would be at an apple store.

    He can even repair liquid spills, but he needs to know it was a liquid spill in advance. If someone spilled coke in there a year ago, then the board will not be fixable. It it was yesterday then yes he can fix it but you would need to send it right away. Orange juice anything acidic like coke or pepsi will eat away the metal leads inside the board. He can do that level of work as well but needs to know in advance before he gets a computer shipped in.

    So far he has done over 5,000 logic board repairs!
    Go to the website by clicking the link apple computer repair
    and just give them a call. They are very buzy as you can imagine. Saved many people thousands of dollars over the last few years.

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