iPhone Anyone know where I can find this wallpaper

Discussion in 'UI Customization' started by beastmode16, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I found it in the wallpapers thread that is now closed but the person never posted it without there icons.

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    I think this one is pretty similar to the one in your picture.

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    ANyone have this in 640 x 960 for iPhone 4s? Thanks in advance
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    Give me 10 minutes and I'll resize it for the 4S
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    Here you go :)

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    I really appreciate it mate! Looks fantastic on my 4s. Hoping to get the 5s next year :)
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    Thank you! The search is over!


    Sorry but one more thing could you make the status bar transparent? Please
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    try these...

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    Sorry but I do not know how to do this, perhaps some of the other forum members would be able to do this for you with the picture I posted earlier.
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    Thanks they worked perfectly! #
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    Could you tell me how you placed a transparent bar of the picture please tigger.
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    read this thread:


    attached is a template i use for the iPhone 5 & iPhone 4 when making the transparent bar...

    depending on the picture, you will have to play around with the opacity to get the desired transparency as mentioned in the above thread.

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    Thanks very much for that, its much appreciated.
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    Thanks for the post. I have couple of pictures to make wallpapers. Now I know how to do this.

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