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Anyone know where to get a dual g4 powermac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nospleen, Sep 21, 2003.

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    New or refurb, dual 1.25/1.42? I cannot find them anywhere. Apple is out of stock too on their refurb section. Anyone?
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    I swear they just put that back up there. The only one they had the last few days was like 3200 for a dual 1.25. (for the fully configured one.)
    Of course they put that back up there now, so I can look like an @$$.:eek:
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    What do you mean by fully configured?

    I'm really starting to get confused with all of these people talking about how often the page for the G4's changes. People are shocked at how low the prices are, thinking the change was recent (though it happened with the announce of the G5) and then saying that they don't offer the duals anymore, and this and that...every time I've ever looked at that page it's been exactly the same. My friend bought a dual 1.25 over a month ago for the same price it has listed there.
    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
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    You know how it has, fast, faster, and fastest labeled? Well the far right one is the fastest and it was like 8,000,000 bucks. Sometimes they only have the single 1.25 up there. So they must change it often. Either that, or one of us is nuts!:)
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    Re: Anyone know where to get a dual g4 powermac?

    They're "listed" AND "out of stock" :confused:

    Refurbished Power Macs
    Power Mac G4 1Ghz 256MB/60GB/Combo/GigE/56K - Refurbished $949.00
    Power Mac G4 1.25GHz DUAL/256MB/80GB/Combo/GigE/56K - Refurbished $1,399.00
    Power Mac G4 1.42 GHz DUAL/512MB/120GB/SuperDrive/GigE/56K - Refurbished $1,999.00
    APP for Power Mac (w/ or w/o display) - Enrollment Kit Add $249.00
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    Re: Re: Anyone know where to get a dual g4 powermac?

    What's up with that anyway? It used to be that they only displayed the models that were in stock. Then recently they show many models, but none of them have "Add" next to them. Personally I find it easier to look down and just see what is available. If I'm looking for a PowerBook, and there are no PowerBooks listed, then I have my answer. Instead I have to inspect the line items to make sure.

    Sorry for the whining, I'm working on my morning coffee.
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    Re: Re: Anyone know where to get a dual g4 powermac?

    I called up there late last night. I asked the gentlemen if they are going to have anymore up for sale. (because they have not taken them off the list on the website) I kid you not he said, "I am not sure, maybe you should have been faster with your order!" I could not believe he said that, it actually made me laugh because I was so shocked.
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    Re: Re: Anyone know where to get a dual g4 powermac?

    Hey look! I can order AppleCare enrollment refurb for a PowerMac G4 for only $249, by itself! I can't wait to order this refurb enrollment kit.

    The webmaster is having issues, I believe.

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