Anyone notices a waviness on the 3G iPod screens?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ZildjianKX, Jul 25, 2003.

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    I'm referring to the iPod with the blue screen on the left. If you notice on the left side of the screen there is a series of waviness of light and dark spots... and this is exactly how mine is... is this normal, and anyone else get this?
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    im curious:

    it appears from the orange buttons that both are 3G ipods....

    how come one has the blue light,
    and the other the white?

    are the lights on the 10/15 different than the 30?

    very curious..
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    It looks like what happens when a LCD screen attached with non-uniform pressure. Cell phones often show this and it just seems to be part of the design of many electronic products.

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    Well, it’s probably pretty close to what it really is.
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    Both are 30 gig iPods... apple makes two different kinds of screens for them.
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    Maybe it's because you're listening to that depressing music.
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    These pics weren't actually taken by me... I just found them online and realize the blue one had the same "prloblem" as mine.

    Anyone with a 3G iPod w/ a blue screen have the same problem? Just want to know if its normal.
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    I am still dancing my 80 CD PLUS Depeche Mode collection.
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    Ummm... DM didn't make that many CDs...
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    Depeche Mode rules.
    "Home" is classic.

    Umm, and no, usually it's not supposed to be like that. But if you exchange it, it will probbaly have something similar to this somwhere else. The first phone I bought had the same thing.
    It only appers when light is on ofcourse. You can live with it, but i exchanged my phone twice only to find out the next one would have something like that in a different corner.
    That's why grey backgound is better i think. You wouldn't have this sort of problems with those. because light elements arent on the sides. If it bothers you, echange it for grey one, if you can find it.

    P.S. Grey may not seem cooler, but screen looks more accurate and fits overall style. With the blue one, you are bound to have problems like darker spots on the sides.
    Personally, it drives me crazy, I'd much rather have nice and even grey than messed up blue. But that's just me.
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    Don't do it! I'm upset that I have a grey one. The blue is so much cooler!
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    Is there any way to know if an iPod will have the blue or grey screen before opening the box?
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    Well, if you buy it in the store, I think you can just ask for the one you want. All i know right here everyone who has ipod preferres grey one.

    At first I thought color was just switchable in options or something.
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    Your right, they didn't. But I have like three versions of each single ever released. Some UK singles on top of my US versions, and a box set or two. All in a decade's work...:eek:
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    Re: Anyone notices a waviness on the 3G iPod screens?


    This is also exhibited on mobile phones, PDAs and anything else that uses LEDs along one side of a screent o light it. Those bright spots are where the LEDs are for lighting up the screen. The dark spots are in between them.
    This problem can be solved by moving the LEDs furthur away from the screen at the cost of brightness of the LEDs on the screen.
    This problem has plauged PDA manufactureres for a long time and even phone makers to some extent. The other solution is to use LEDs that are not a bright. Either way the brightness is reduced. Although, if you move the LEDs away from the screeen and the make them brighter the problem can be pretty much solved. Of course the only thing stopping this is the design: is there enough case space to move the LEDs far enough away? In the 3G iPods it looks like the answer is no.
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    Re: Re: Anyone notices a waviness on the 3G iPod screens?

    And what is that exactly did you say that we didn't say before?
    Grey doesn't have the problem though. get that :)
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    So do ALL blue screens have this problem then? Tx
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    you could buy one of dark spots anymore =)

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    Nobody has an iPod w/ a blue screen?

    Edit- I actually pulled that image off the net since I don't have a digital camera... and my screen is probably actually closer to the white screen... so I guess the problem isn't normal.

    Can I just take the iPod into an Apple store and they'll replace it for me? Never done this before...
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    i dont know which screen mine is and i dont care.
    people complain about the littlest things.
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    Some "people" probably don't care if a $500 MP3 has a screen problem.
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    i wouldnt call that a screen problem.
    thats just the way it goes.
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    i have noticed that my 30 gig will display both blue and gray, all depends what kind of lighting i am under.

    And yes mine has the same problem as yours. Though mine is on the top and doesnt seem to be as bad as the image provided.

    Still love the thing, changed the way i listen to music for ever!
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