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Anyone Own iPhone 4 Also?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Wallace2, Sep 2, 2010.

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    I have the new iPhone 4 but was also looking into getting a 4th gen Touch. Does anyone else own and iPhone 4 and also purchased the new Touch?
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    You don't need the touch if you have the iPhone 4, Get an iPad or something :)
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    I already have one of them too.:eek: The new Touch just looks so cool.
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    Yeah, it looks cool. But other than more storage, your iPhone 4 has better specs than the new iPod touch. To me, in your case it is just a waste of money. However, it is your money.;)
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    I have a 32 gb iphone 4 and I just ordered a 64 gb itouch 4th gen. I tend to play alot of games so I really don't want to drain down my battery on my iphone, seeing as I make calls and use gps and such. To each their own I guess. Having a itouch for me is purely a luxury. :)
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    That how it is for me to. Id rather have my iPod for movies, music, games on long trips to save my iPhone battery and leave it free for texting. Id probably only buy the 8gb version though.
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    Realistically you can probably get 6 or 7 hours of continuous gaming on an iPhone. Texting/idling really doesn't consume that much battery, so I don't really understand the logic of needing an iPhone "for texting" if all you're going to be doing is playing games.
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    I know it doesnt sound right but that iPod looks so cool.:D

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