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Anyone part with their original iPod then regret it?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CMD is me, Jul 1, 2008.

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    I have a 1st generation 10g iPod which still works great. I only use it around the house and rarely so now that I have sat radio. I'm thinking about a AppleTV and already have a couple other iPods. Its still cool with its FW connection and solid feel, but do I really need it?? Am I crazy to consider parting with it (having decided if I should yet)? I bought it a few months after they came out thinking "boy, this iPod thing could take off."

    12 years ago I bought a new Klein mountain bike. Like this iPod it was totally clean, but I sold it for a newer bike once I started getting into it more. Even thought my newer bike is lighter, etc., I do often wish I had kept it... just 'cus it's kind of cool and they don't make them like that now... plus they're going for far more than I paid new! Here's a few pics (not of the MTB)...



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    Seeing how this is a 1st Gen, I would definitely hang on to it. I mean, this is THE first iPod design ever produced. How cool is that?

    It's not like it's taking up a lot of space, right?
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    I see a lot of people go in to the Apple store to recycle their iPod and get the discount only to decide to keep it at the last second and pay full price. Also, people come back in to get it back, unfortunately that can't be done. I'd say keep it if you're having doubts.
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    My "original" was the first gen Shuffle. I don't miss it. I hardly even use the 5th gen iPod (now Classic). Once you go iPhone, you never go...back? :)
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    I gave my first iPod (color) to my sister. It's still working. I don't plan to change my current iPod (video) for several years. I've had it for 15 months, and hope to keep it for many more.
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    i had a third gen. ipod that i traded in to get a discount off my iPod touch (which is awesome btw) but it had ceased to work, if it still worked i would def. have kept it. you won't get much for it so, as long as it works-keep it
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    I love my 3G iPod and it still works fine with minimal battery life loss, even after 4 years! Even when it dies I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. :)
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    When it dies, you can replace the battery and get full performance back for around $20. That's what I plan to do when my iPod's battery goes.
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    Chandler Adaway

    It's THE first iPod ever made.
    Come on.. Keep it.

    10-20 years from now, you'll look at it and be like, wow.
    This POS is the first iPod ever made.
    And I own it still. :p

    Besides, that puppy is still clean as hell!
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    Didn't the first generation only come in 5gb? IIRC Apple only started to offer the 10gb for their second generation iPod.
    However, I would still keep it. I still have my iPod mini, even though the battery is pretty much dead because of long period of inactivity. I don't use it but I still love it to death. Maybe I'm just a sentimental person, but looking at it still reminds me of the joy it brought me when I first got it. Plus, it's pretty cool to look at all your iPods and see the progress that technology has made.
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    my first ipod, 5g video, is something i will always keep. its not worth enough to sell it anyway. it'll probably become obselete once i get my iphone, but its still handy for holidays and what not.
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    I had a first gen, and it broke.. and it was replaced from CompUSA with a 20gig 3rd gen. At first I was happy, but later on I decided I liked my 1st gen iPod and spend another $100 on a used one. It's the best iPod I've ever seen/had.
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    Yes and no. This is the original spinning wheel version. Apple made the 5g then released a 10g a few months later (I THOUGHT they were both announced at the same time, but Apple could supply the 10g at first). Apple later came out with the touch wheel versions. I'll have to go back and check my facts. The spinning wheel versions seem to be going for a lot on ebay. $200+ is not unrealistic. I saw a few go for more a couple months back... that prompted me to wonder. There are a lot of collectors out there and the the iPod is certainly a technology icon!

    Thanks. That's how I feel every time I see an early 90s Klein... should have held on to that bike.
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    Yes those do hold quite a bit of value now since they're quite rare. Not that many people bought those ones. If you still have the original box and accessories it would add a lot to the value. If you don't need the money, hold on to it. The value would only increase (giving that you take care of it and something doesn't die), and if you suddenly need cash someday this might fetch a lot.

    I have to give props to you for keeping that iPod in such a good shape, especially the scratch magnet back! My iPod touch's back is so scratched up I wonder why I even bother keeping it in a case.

    I look at my first iPod as something that completely changed the way I listened to music. From carrying 15 songs with me at one time (Walkman) to carrying my whole collection with me, and in a size that can fit my pocket.
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    Good to know, maybe I'll just do that. ;) Call me "old school" but I honestly just use my iPod for music while I'm working on at the gym, out running, or on an extended drive. Don't really care about video, pictures, cover art or even a color screen for that matter - my 3G iPod meets all my needs! :D :cool:
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    Amen to that! The 3G iPod was my first, and it's still my daily workhorse. I have other iPod's, but Zimmy the 3G is the one I use most often. I got it my senior year in college and I'm not ashamed to say that it's my buddy :D I'd never get rid of it, especially since they're so easy to repair anyway.
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    Yeah, there's something to be said for older yet relatively simpler technology at times. If it ain't broke, or in this case if it meets all your needs, then don't fix it! ;)
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    I JUST tossed the box last fall cleaning out my office!! I had no idea there was any value. Oh well.

    Thanks. I put it in a leather INCASE the day I bought it. It has very slight scratches just from taking it in and out of the case a few times, but I bet they could be buffed out.

    I used to spend hours making mixed TAPES. Usually 10 songs per side and always in the same exact order. How did we ever survive!

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