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Anyone planning MOUNTING iPad in special place?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by strangeday, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I know I won't shut up about iPad in the car :eek: But what about you? You have any special place in mind for it? I LOVE custom jobs on things and would really like to hear what you plan on doing with this gadget besides carrying it around.
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    Seems like allot people are just planning on mounting it.
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    Really? Haven't heard this from anyone here yet. I look forward to hearing what ideas they have.
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    Where? The bathroom?

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    Behind the bike sheds was always a special place for me.
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    Actually I have a few places I'd love to mount it. The first and most important one would be having this as a 9" navigation system in my car.

    The second would be to have a stand that is attached to my bed that swivels out and over so the pad is floating over me like a monitor, yet is in arms reach so I can still control and use it.
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    Ooh, loving the bed-swively-thing.
    Maybe some sort of collarbone-mounting-device where you could have it a few inches in front of your face would be nice as well, but that MIGHT be going overboard...
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    I like the idea of it being a kind of 'Bed entertainment system', dare I call it that :D. I.E. stuff like EyeTV Live, Jaadu VNC, Youtube, Mail, and web in your bed.
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    actually, just thinking about it. It'd be a VERY cool home music system. Mount the iPad onto the wall and connect it to the home speakers around the house. Then you've got a home music system-kiosk kinda thing.

    It's not something I'd do but I just thought of that in about 10 seconds, give some time and I'm sure there will be some crazy things done with this!
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    I would mount one on my forearm so it's EVERYWHERE I go. :D
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    What's with all the bed stuff.

    iPad, bed, girl (optional), lube, video, need I say more :D
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    Special places? Mounting? Custom jobs? ...Just what kind of thread is this?
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    Nice idea!
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    It would be cool to control tv,lights,window blinds,fans, etc sort of all in one remote that can browse the web and is a book reader.
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    I would mount it in the toilet where crap belongs.:p
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    Only the best kind of thread!
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    I thought it didn't have the GPS chip?
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    Ditto, it's going to be pretty poor as a nav device without the GPS. I was a little surprised they even showed the map functionality during the introduction.

    The iphone 3gs does great with nav with the gps. Other versions, not so much.
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    I'm going to get an app that has constantly changing faces, tie it around my neck and wear it for Halloween. :D
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    The 3G model probably does. The tech specs say that the 3G model has "assisted GPS", which is the same phrase that the iPhone tech specs use for its GPS.
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    I am thinking of mounting it in my bedroom on a wall like in the middle of the room.
    But make it so it's removable of course :)
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    In the car!
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    iPad in the kitchen

    I want to mount it either on the outside or inside of a cabinet. Mostly use for recipes. Eye level.

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