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Anyone really looking forward to the Safari enhancements?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Michael Goff, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Michael Goff

    It looks really good, and the power saving feature is awesome.

    Anyone disagree?
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    I don't really see how someone could be against the changes. That being said I don't use Safari and I already have synced passwords and smooth scrolling in Chrome.
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    Michael Goff

    It wasn't so much "are people against the changes" as much as "I'm disappointed because X, Y or Z".
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    Well I like what they demo'd but I'd still like to block all third-party cookies, plugins, etc. and only white-list a few sites. But who knows, something like that might be included in the final version before release. They obviously didn't have that much time to talk about Safari given all the other announcements.
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    They have a bookmarks sidebar. Safari now becomes a viable alternative to me. I really liked what I saw so far :)
  6. Nermal, Jun 10, 2013
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    Staff Member

    Does anyone know how the password management will work? I see that it'll suggest passwords for sites, and store them in iCloud for access on "all your devices"... but how will this work when I'm at the office? Obviously Safari no longer has a Windows version so how will I be able to access those "gibberish" passwords when I'm on my work PC?

    Edit: The footnote on Apple's page about this states that it "requires iOS 5 or later on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (3rd generation or later), iPad, or iPad mini; a Mac computer with OS X Lion or later; or a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8" which sounds good, but then confuses the issue with "Some features require iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks"!
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    FYI the new Safari is out for developers.

    If you signed up for the Safari developer seed for previous builds, you'll find it in your AppStore updates if you're logged in with your dev account.



    It's actually pretty good and way more responsive than the previous build.
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    Can you go to http://html5test.com and tell me what the benchmark score is?
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    385 and 11 bonus points.
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    I got 385 and 8 bonus points.

    Also, Extensions don't seem to be working for Safari, but other than that this is the fastest and best version they've made. I love the new Top Sites with Bookmarks on it, very sleek.
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    does anyone know if the new Safari still reloads websites if you swipe back? This is the most annoying feature of the current version.
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    I didn't use Safari 6 but swiping with two fingers doesn't reload anything. Swiping to the left with three goes to the previous page.

    On another note, I moved to Safari 7 from Chrome (Canary) a couple days after DP1 came out just because it's so much smoother and so much faster. I miss the account syncing feature but now that Google Apps allow for multiple sign-in by themselves it's not really a big deal anymore. The reading list/bookmarks sidebar is really useful... bye bye Pocket.
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    thanks for the info. I guess what I was talking about is that when you do a two finger swipe back in safari 6 it reloads the previous page. It doesn't just go back to the previous page, it actually reloads it again. This get frustrating because you lose wherever you might have been on that previous page.
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    Actually I haven't had that problem in Safari 6. When I swipe back to the previous page it puts me back to where I was on that page. It's still annoying that it has to reload each time though.
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    Oh! Well, in Safari 7, when I 3-finger swipe back or forwards, the page does load again and it takes some time. Though Safari 7 seems to be pretty good at returning you to your previous scroll position (though sites like Twitter that make you scroll to load probably wouldn't work as well in that situation)
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    T'hain Esh Kelch

    The bookmarks sidebar is worth it for me alone.
  17. JohnDoe98, Jun 26, 2013
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    As mentioned in the other thread, you can now manage plugins for individual sites, which is a wonderful enhancement. Now we only need the same functionality for cookies. Progress is looking good for Safari 7.

    Also swiping back is considerably improved. It still reloads the page but the way they've implemented it, it happens in a considerably more transparent way, so for my usage anyway, I consider this problem resolved. The refresh no longer displays a blank page before reloading, it preserves the previous page and just adds in the new changes to the specific parts of the page that changed.
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    I'm actually using safari 6 as my main browser, so safari 7 is even more responsive and faster?

    I mean to me safari 6 is actually very fast now.
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    As a hardcore Firefox user, I can not live without firefox addon features. Chrome would be second on my list, and Safari third. therefore I honestly couldn't care less about apple apps improvements, as I only use iTunes, which is a crap, the rest I don't use any of them... I use Sparrow, Cobook, Kod, better touch tool, xtrafinder, Reeder, Skype, Adium...
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    I use webkit simply for it's superior scrolling ability on my rMBP. In windows I use Firefox. The reload when swiping back feature is the only thing that really bugs me about safari. I like everything else and once keychain takes the place of 1Password I think that will be the clincher for me.
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    I dumped Safari as soon as Chrome was released.

    Safari is just there to test sites. Chrome's extensions are fantastic.

    But hey, at least Apple is making Safari better for the 6 people that use it.
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    As soon as glims is supported I'm jumping on safari 7
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    That's what I use too... But, the new [ dev release ] Safari 7 is really impressive...so far!
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    I like chrome too but I use the double tap to zoom feature in safari too much to change to anything else. Chrome and Firefox have plugins for a lot of safari- like features but IMHO safari implements them better. The trackpad gestures was the main reason I bought a mac to begin with.

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