Anyone receive their .Mac gift yet?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by crossed-over, Nov 7, 2003.

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    Has anyone received their .Mac renewal gift yet?
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    My "EverQuest" CD arrived just a couple of days ago.
    And that's in Holland!

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    When was your renewal date? Er... how long did it take from the time you renewed? Just curious.
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    Everquest, lol I remember that game. Was so addicting when I was a kid, ended up selling my account for around $500 when I was 15.

    Good investment :D
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    Renewal date: October 13th.
    Got my CD November 5th.

    Not bad IMHO.

    BTW, leet1.. I got a 30 day free EverQuest online subscription too! Maybe worth 100 bucks?? If so, then this year's dot Mac subscription will be free! Ha ha.
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    It's a dvd, so um, if you have a cd-drive, apple basicly gave you a worthless disk. Most machines have the combos now though anyway. I have a superdrive but with school i havnt the time to play evercrack. Come january i'll probebly get around to takeing all i can out of my free month on my month off.
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    Nah, thats given to everyone hehe.
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    Yup and already spent it....

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