Anyone replaced their iBook screen?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yoak, Nov 15, 2006.

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    The hinges on my iBook is broken, and a repair was very expensive here in Norway.

    Then I found someone selling a ibook screen for cheap, bought that and plan to replace it with my one.

    I found the guide on, so plan to follow that.
    Before I start I would just like to hear from someone who has done it themselves.

    Is it really difficult, is there anything I should think of or take great care with?

    How many hours will it take?

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    They are kinda hard to rip apart. Just work slowly and remember where the screws go!!

    Follow the guide on iFixit. It's very good. :)

    good luck! when I took mine apart it took about an hour to get it apart and 15 to put it back together.
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    Ok, thanks. Had a feeling the putting back together business would be a pain
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    They're a huge pain, but just because it's tedious.

    Be careful with the wires is my only advice...
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    Here is a suggestion that I love to use when taking apart laptops. Use a used ice cube tray to keep your screws separate from the others. Also when using you can print out the instructions and it has the screws sizes you can cut out and put in the tray.

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