anyone still frustrated about itunes match 10,000 limitation?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by eroxx, Feb 12, 2013.

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    It makes me crazy that you can only use up to 10,000 songs for itunes match.

    But what's worse, is the fact that I can actually accept the limit if it was user-friendly to CHOOSE which 10,000 of my library I wanted. It's honestly unthinkable that apple makes this impossible.
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    iTunes match limits you to 25,000 songs.
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    Yes, sorry. Although my argument still stands. It's not the limitation per se but the friction involved in choosing 25,000 should your library be >25,000
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    from some obscure website, but then again, that would be around 2,000 albums or only 6 days of music, depending on the number of titles per album or length of songs and compression of it.
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    I used the advice in this article to set up a second library so I could use iTunes match.
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    Have you given feedback to Apple yet?
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    I've done that too (set up a second library), but it's very difficult to maintain, especially if you want to switch out songs ...
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    That does sound like a PITA.

    Considered Spotify? It'll match everything in your iTunes Library while also giving you access to so much more. Sure, it has ads, but you can pay a bit to get them removed. I honestly don't even touch iTunes anymore...
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    Like so many things "Apple", Match is not designed for extreme edge cases. And yes, dedicating 100% of a year’s salary on music is an edge case. Don’t expect a solution design for the masses to meet your needs. You should be looking at other solutions. If having a complete library of that size is a requirement, you may want to get a dedicated 128GB device. That should be close to your library size assuming you don’t use lossless.
    BTW, you would be saving untold amounts of money by switching to a monthly service based system like Spotify or Rdio instead of buying so much music.

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