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Anyone think the 12" Intel PowerBook will be the "MacBook"?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GimmeSlack12, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Then the 17" Intel PB will be the "MacBook 17" or something, and then the iBook can remain the iBook and not get a name change? Cause the iMac didn't get a new name and I would imagine the entry level Macs would retain their entry level names.

    Although I still anticipate a good 3 months until the new iBook.
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    If by "MacBook" you mean "both the old PowerBook and iBook 12' combined into a new 13' plastic model" then yes, I think that is pretty likely.

    I'll still shell out the coin for a powerful and metallic 13' MBP though. The 15' model is just too big for me.
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    Steve Jobs has said he wants the word "Mac" in all his Macintosh products. He also said that he wants the word "Power" out of all his Macintosh products (Which is why we have MacBook Pro now).

    It's likely, yes, there will be no 12/13" MacBook Pro, but a 17" Apple makes will likely be called the MacBook Pro. It's difficult to tell what the price point for it will be though. The 2.0 GHz MBP takes up the price point for a 17" notebook.

    IMO, I imagine a 13.3" MacBook, and then 15/17" MBPs (where the 2.0 15" MBP is dropped).
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    How many threads have we had on this??

    The iMac didn't get a name change because it already had the word "Mac" in the name.

    The 17" version of the MacBook Pro will be called the "17" MacBook Pro."

    With the release of the Intel replacement for the iBook Apple will no longer make any 4:3 screened Macs for consumer availability. It will be called the MacBook. The iBook as a name is about to go the way of the Dodo.

    Line up to be:

    Mac mini
    MacBook Pro 15" and 17"
    PowerMac replacement (MacPro? ProMac? MacDaddy?)
    xServe replacement (MacServe? ServerMac? FootFault?)
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    I never said anything about PowerBook being in the name still, I was just describing the machine to be.

    Forget it.
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    It's a pity there (apparently) won't be a 12" MBP I really like have a compact laptop when I'm travelling overseas or interstate. I was going to see what the Macbook has to offer, but will probably go with the 15" MBP next year when I upgrade.
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    Makes sense, it was associated with PowerPC.
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    I would buy a MacDaddy.
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    I still think it is quite a shame we will lose the little Pro laptop
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    with no 13" MBP, they can finally stop intentionally crippling the MacBook. I'd like to think that there will be a high end MacBook that will be every bit a MBP other then it's name and it's white plastic enclosure.
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    Actually even without the 12" model they will still have to cripple the Macbook line.

    As it is they can use no faster than 1.66Ghz for the MB, simply all thanks to the 15" which uses the 1.83Ghz model.
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    this will indeed be the biggest shame, to me, the small pro laptop represented the best that apple had to offer; a fantasticly speced laptop in a weeny package, tough as nails but still elegant.
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    since when do screen size and cpu speed have to increase together?

    granted, it is how apple has done things in the past :)rolleyes: ), but that doesn't mean they have to do the same thing. that said, the 15" and 17" both top out at 2.16, so a 13" could potentially have a 2.0, but i think 1.83 is more likely for a high-end MacBook.

    i just think intentionally crippling the model with the smaller screen size is retarded. maybe for a desktop i can understand, but for a laptop? plenty of people want small laptops that are really portable, plenty of people want a medium size laptop that is a good compromise between screen space and portability, and plenty of people want a nice big screen to use as a desktop replacement. i don't see how a 13" MacBook with the same specs as a 15" could hurt the sales of the 15" that much.

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