anyone think the classic is really threatened?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rust.puppet, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I personally have been holding out for a ipod classic for a long time... weither it was for "having the new piece of technology" or having more space i really dont know but honestly... i really want a new classic today (atleast announced)

    do you guys think it will be done away with? or will there be a new flash based ipod classic?

    just looking for last minute ideas. thanks :)
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    You won't see a flash based one in that capacity. It would cost $1000. (just guessing). The classic will live on. Some people have no need for the ipod touch but want the high capacity the classic offers.
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    What you can do is buy the current Classic 120 (for example) "as a hedge" against whatever might be released today, and make SURE you DON'T open it.

    That way, if something better comes out that you want (instead), I think you can get FULL store credit toward the price of something else you buy.

    There is no restocking fee if it's unopened and you have the receipt. But this sort of "return" or "exchange" I think has to be done within 14 days of purchase.

    Just an idea. :)
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    Well I for one thing, are like you in that I would love to buy an iPod classic because I have a large music collection. I couldn't care less about wifi (which is hard to come by in the UK in mass quantity, where i live anyway). I also don't really like the interface of the iPod Touch/iPhone (having owned both) for music. I think if you want music and a little video, the classic still wins, hands down.

    Please don't make the greatest mistake ever Apple. There must still be a market for people like me surely? I'm quite sick of the people who say 'ooh, the classic is OLD and is gonna die!!! omfg1!11111!11!!!!!
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    I'd be disappointed if it is phased out but I'm happy enough with my 160GB classic and hope it will last me a few years before I need to replace it.
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    My guess is that the iPod classic, as it is, will be around for another year or so. After that, you will see the iPod classic get a 128 GB flash drive. After another year or so, the iPod classic will phase out. Then it's either an iPod Touch or an iPod Nano.
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    I wanted SO much to buy a 160 (Apple had some refurbished ones recently). But I read SO many postings in forums about the "2-second silence of death" because of HD buffer overruns that it seemed like a really unreliable unit.
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    TOTALLY agree!

    Let's cross our fingers and hope they do something HUGE for the Classic, like same form factor but with a 160 SSD!!!
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    I know how you feel, joelovesapple. Browsing music on the Touch is NOT intuitive. The screen is surprisingly inaccurate for what is currently available. WiFi is stableish at best, rediculous usually. I can browse one page, but not the next. :mad: My library dwarfs 16GB, so I often get angry when having to uncheck songs I like and videos I love. 120GB would actually be perfect for me, in the black I think, but I am waiting for today's announcement to get one. Will buy some time next week.

    Excited for today!:D
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    I doubt it today, but the day will come soon. There are only two companies who still make hard drives that size, which will eventually lead to a parts problem. If both of them were to stop, then you can kiss the classic goodbye.

    Next year is when you should get worried. A 128GB iPod touch won't be out of the question by then, and I'm pretty sure that the nano and touch are the top two sellers. I can easily see Apple sacrificing the small contingent that needs 100+GB of space to get more touch models out there (hello, app store) and to streamline production a bit.

    I understand the want for a ton of storage to carry entire libraries, but I think Apple will decide for you that you'll gain much more with a touch or nano than you'll lose from the classic. I have an iPhone and couldn't imagine using anything with a click wheel again.
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    I went ahead and bought one a couple weeks ago to replace my old 60GB. I don't like the interface of the touch/iphone ipod. Plus, is 32GB really enough for most people these days? I feel like a lot of people have 10 years of MP3s saved. I don't think Apple would leave us that limited in terms of storage. they'll keep it around at least until 64GB touches are out.
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    I agree with the first post actually, maybe it's simply years of using the clickwheel but there are certain things about the way you play/browse music on the iPhone/touch that piss me off.
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    well, the 64GB is out now. is the 160GB classic for the same price as the 120GB. Looks like it's here for awhile longer.
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    About the only thing I hate is trying to guess where the skip forward button is while using it in my car. I would love some attachment that would make this simpler for in cars that isn't an integration into a $500 audio system I don't really need. Basically just the clickity part of the earbuds for maybe $15.

    Despite that drawback, I'm not giving up the other 15 million pluses that the touchscreen interface gives. I don't remember what I did before mobile e-mail and Internet.
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    It would be nice if this was the case; I'm a big fan of the classic (as I have a large music collection and the battery is also excellent) and a SSD version would be something to look forward to.

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    Well our wishes came true!! :D I completely agree with you on what you have to say about the Touch; nice though it is, I just wouldn't find it practical as a main iPod. I'm a music fan so it wouldn't cut the mustard if primarily used for music. Having said that though, I thought the Wi-fi was alright, I just guess it depends on how far away you are from your router.

    I actually would have liked more than 160GB (200GB music library), but I sold my 80GB a few months ago, to buy an iPhone which I regret even now. I then sold it and have been without a decent iPod for months, so anything is wonderful. This is why I was worried when people said it was the end of the road for the Classic. Thankfully Apple had more sense than that though. :)

    Think I will go for the black one too, it looks beautiful. I had silver before so black is a welcome change :apple:
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    Hmm... sounds like you need a CLICKWHEEL. :D I am I guy with massive (i mean that, not bragging or anything) hands. And my fingers are not nimble either, so me actually managing to hit that little volume slider is just about a miracle. Just for reference, my finger, when pressed to the screen, covers the entire 5 key on the password entry screen, as well as a sliver of the 2 and 8. So those times where i lleave the volume jacked and I press play later in bed, I either tear out the headphones or try to drag the volume down like three times in a row. Extremely annoying. The wheel on the classic, on the other hand, is nice and huge.

    At first I was just put up with it because of all "the hypercool stuff I can do." And to respond to "I don't remember what I did before mobile e-mail and Internet," I GOT SOME F***ING SLEEP instead of OCD checking my email, FailBlog, and MLIA. When I am enabled, I can't help it.

    iPod Classic, here I come... back.

    Question: Are refurbed iPods all dinged and scratched? Or are they nearly as clean as new iPods?
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    Who needs sleep?!?!?!

    Your issue would probably be good to send to Apple. Oversized button features would be a great accessibility feature for people with ginormous hands. The same feature could also benefit people who can't see well.
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    Something deep down tells me apple is not looking to expand their markets to us "advanced needs" be that Irish Genes, visual impairment, what have you. I think they like the conformist, Hollister + A&F wearing, hey I'm wearing sunglasses inside on a cloudy day, give me an atomic high five BRAH, OMG look at this text message let's get drunk on tasty coolers and pretend we know all, preppy, jock worshipping, money loaded, assinie, MORON clan far more.


    but yeah, I am set on a classic now.
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    the iPhone 3GS adds several accessibility features, including the ability to zoom the screen. I don't think these features are available in the 3G or the 2nd gen Touch, but they may be available on the Touch models released today.
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    Does anyone know the difference between the old 160gig classic Apple discontinued, before the 120gig, and this new one released today?

    There doesn't seem to be any firmwear updates for the old 160 classic.

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    I for one am so glad they brought back the 160gb iPod classic. There's finally one big enough to hold ALL of my music collection. The 120gb wasn't big enough so that's why I was holding out...until now.

    Better yet though is that the 160gb is still $249 and it actually is a hair thinner than the old 120gb iPod classic from 0.42 inches to 0.41 inches.

    I wonder if the 160gb is a single platter drive?
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    The old 160gb iPod classic doesn't support the "Genius" feature in iTunes. And there's no firmware update to get this. The new 160gb classic does. This could be a big deal to some when you have that huge of a library and don't want to dig through all your music to find songs that fit together well.

    Also it is thinner than the old 160gb classic and .01 of an inch thinner than even the 120gb one.

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