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Anyone unhappy with LG Display?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by scottrichardson, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I got my new Air a couple weeks ago, and I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed in my screen. It's the 13" model, with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and the i7 2Ghz CPU upgrade.

    The screen in mine is an LG/Phillips. When I first got it I noticed it was incredibly yellow - after updating to 10.8.2 it fixed it for the most part. But then I compared it to an in-store 13"model with the Samsung panel and the difference in quality, colour saturation and contrast was clear.

    Am I able to ask for a replacement? I work in graphics, web, and print. So colour is somewhat important to what I do.

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    Here is the thing, there is no such thing as walking into a store and say, Gimme the One with the Samsung Screen! The minimum wage clerk will look at you funny.

    The only thing you can do it, if you are still within the return period, Return current, just unhappy you say. Then walk into your local store and play with the displayed. Once you find one you pull a clerk and say, I WANT THAT ONE, I don't want a new-in-box, I wand the one right there, whatever price they have it that day.
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    Aren't the display models all used?
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    but if you HAVE to have a Samsung screen, what else are you going to do? Keep returning the dang thing until u hit the jackpot?
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    I have a LG screen in my Air 2012. In my experience it is great, I have no probs with it. Maybe you can calibrate a bit if it isn't to your liking.
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    The idea that you could walk into an apple store and buy a floor model is absurd. I want some of whatever you're smoking.

    The LG screen is great if you use the right color profile. Search these forums for the color profile link that was provided...it's an incredible difference.
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    Ok. I'll give the profile a go first :) many thanks for the tip
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    I provided A solution. Do you have a solution for someone who really wants a Samsung screen?

    If the CEO of Corning stuck to his assertion that making the glass for Steve Jobs the way he wanted was impossible, why, we wouldn't have gorilla glass today. YES WE CAN if we really wanto. :)
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    I like the positivity, but I'm afraid you can't, as the store staff won't allow you to purchase floor models.
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    Well I too have an LG screen mid-2012,and I love the screen :confused:,maybe i dont have sharp eyes or whatever but I find the screen beautiful :cool:
  11. JoelBC, Nov 26, 2012
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    Apologies for being somewhat lazy but I am going on a 15 hour work day and this thread caught my eye...

    1. I just purchased a 13" MBA and one of the reasons for purchasing the MBA over the 13" rMBP was i) the LG vs Samsung screen issues and ii) the potential of having retention problems...I therefore decided to wait until the next generation of retinas before taking that plunge.

    I scanned this thread quickly only to discover that there appears to be a similar LG vs Samsung screen issue on the MBA as well. Is this correct or have I misunderstood the problem?

    2. I would appreciate an explanation as to how to test whether the screen on my new MBA is an LG or Samsung.

    3. I would appreciate the URL to the preferred colour profile as well as how to "install it".

    4. I would further appreciate someone explaining how to determine which hard drive is in my unit.

    Apologies for the questions but it has been a long day...now, back to work!!


    PS. I wounder whether reading these forums is a good thing as well learn about the problems with our devices rather than simply unpacking and enjoying them...food for thought...
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    I lucked out with a Samsung screen in my new 2012.. but got the Toshiba SSD. Oh well, it's still twice as fast as last year's model. :D
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    I have an LG screen, which I thought was fine, but I calibrated mine to be a bit brighter and whiter, and now I like it even more. It's crisp and really bright, with brightness on 12/16 it's really great, and all the way up it's incredibly bright, much more than the standard calibration.

    I haven't seen a Samsung screen for an extended period of time, but I'm happy with the screen on my MBA.
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    What you are talking with respect to screen retention and stuff was in rMBP, MBA has no issues with either LG or Samsung screen,it's just som find the Samsung to have a little more contrast and better color saturation.Enjoy your purchase and trust my advice and don't go looking whether you have an LG or Samsung,just enjoy your product mate :cool: And moreover, the new color profile that came with Mountain Lion is pretty good for LG display.
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    If you work with graphics and print, shouldn't you calibrate your display with a spyder or something similar anyway? I find that no 2 monitors are ever the same even ones that were made next to each other (I try to purchase monitors that were made closely or next to each other for dual monitor purposes and while they are usually close, they still need calibration.)
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    Nope, I love my screen..:)

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    Great, appreciate the clarification on the LG versus Samsung and, at the same time, great advice...



    You are correct, no two will be alike and each and every panel needs to be separately calibrated...
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    I have an LG screen. Unless its next to a samsung screen, it looks fine to me. Not worth the trouble to try and get samsung screen.
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    I too have the LG screen and agree the quality at default is not as good as other MBA models.

    However I have been using a colour profile I got from somewhere on this forum and I have to say its made the experience ALOT better.

    Download it here and give it a go.
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    Strange, but I cannot get this profile to appear in my Displays profile picker ?!?
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    It appears in mine as Colour LCD. Do you have two listed? The top one is the apple standard.

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    I noticed the 13" MBA 4gb/128ssd I bought from Best Buy a few days ago, is not as bright as my 2009 uMB screen. I have to keep the brightness up to 60% to equal that of my uMB at say 40-50% but other than the lack of decent storage, I am happy with the unit, although I may exchange it for the 13 MBP only because I need more space and I do not want to carry around an external drive.
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    Before Mountain Lion: slightly

    After Mountain Lion: not at all
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    Ah yes, you're right. And yep, it definitely looks more contrasty now - that's great. Actually, colours are a little deeper too which is nice. Definitely much closer to the Samsung one now. I am happy :)

    Any time I have tried to calibrate it using the profile manager, it has ended up looking too blue!

    Many thanks!

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    Hey, what do you know? A happy ending! :D

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