Anyone upgraded iMac FP factory memory?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tomf87, Sep 19, 2003.

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    Mine's got the 256MB in the factory and 512MB in the user. I want to max out to 1GB, but the local Apple Store wants $200 to do it.

    Considering the 512MB stick is only $90, I'd prefer to save the labor costs. Anyone done this? Also, is it just 512MB PC133 CL3?
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    Re: Anyone upgraded iMac FP factory memory?

    Actually it's a different form factor from the User Slot. And it's more likely CL2.
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    So has anyone upgraded the internal RAM yet? I'd like to buy from Crucial, as I have never had problems with their RAM, but unfortunately they don't list the 168-pin DIMM under the specs.

    Anyone know the specs of the factory RAM and is it that hard to replace? I've seen a couple of articles detailing how to do it, but I've never heard of anyone personally doing it.
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    MacWorld had an article on it a few months ago; you might try your library to see if they have that copy.

    You can also try Kingston. They sell memory made/tested for specific platforms. It has a lifetime warranty just like Crucial.
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    I doubt that model will work. I have the older 800Mhz without DDR RAM. Since I have AppleCare, I think I'll just fork over the dough and have them do it. I forgot about the warranty. Ack.
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    Oh, sorry, I was skimming the above post and I thoght you had the 1ghz version when you actuall said you wanted to max out at 1GB ram.

    I have 768mb now and am debating about upgrading the non-user ram too, but am hesitating for warranty reasons.
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    1GB PC2100 DIMMs now available

    Trans International and Small Dog now have 1gb DIMMs for the newer iMacs. These go in the user slot so you don't have to mess with the factory slot and void your warranty, or carry the machine back to Apple.

    Problem is they are $500 - $650 right now.

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