anyone use a line 6 POD for recording?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by vendettabass, Nov 26, 2006.

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    hey there, just wondering if anyone used any of line 6's gear for recording.. especially the PODXT Live! I was thinking of getting one to record on my iBook, and was wondering what the quality was like!

    thanks for any replies!
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    Yup, I've got an older Line 6 pod...umm I think it's version 2?
    Anyways I used it for all this:

    I'd say it's worth the money for what you want, it's much easier than trying to mic an amp or even just run an amp direct line in.
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    good tunes dude! I think I'll nail a PODXT Live for xmas!

    now.. would the unit (USB) suffer any performance hit if it were to be used with an ACD into a Macbook, ie.. like a USB hub?

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    why not just get a TonePort? They're a lot more flexible with computers.
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    The earlier Pods did not have any digital connection, so they would have to plug into the audio input or into another interface.

    The Pod XT Live has a USB interface. The drawback is it doesn't seem to have any microphone input, just a line-in for a CD or perhaps a mixer or mic pre.

    The TonePort series are more flexible in this regard. Another one to look at is the M-Audio Black Box.
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    This is true, as I mentioned mine is an older Pod and it has no USB on it. I'm just running it directly into my g5's input jack.
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    I own a Flextone3, basically an Amp with a POD built right in; it's awesome! I programmed my Novation Remote so I control the Flextone all by midi, so I don't have to reach out @ the amp for changing settings. Tone is great, mic sims are great...just buy it ;)
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    OK guys I got my PODXT live yesterday, and was wondering if I could use it, instead of plugging into a guitar amp, into the iPod HiFi i'll be getting for xmas? It'd be cool for jamming to at uni! If not, what would I need to get?

    Also, the POD isnt' working with Garageband. I changed all the settings in preferences (making the POD my default audio in) and Garageband doesnt seem to react to the POD! :(

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