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Anyone Using the Turbo 264

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Scarpad, Jan 17, 2008.

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    with the Latest Software for it from Elgato, seems like the latest version has some issues. I've gotton alot of Breakup of the image toward say the last 10 minutes of the encode, I get an extremely pixilated image, sound is still there. Also it used to encode movies anamorphically, that seems to be not working now. Audio does'nt encode about 100-128kbps, even if you specify higher. There just seems to be alot of Bugs this time around.
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    The only problem I have seen since the upgrade is much slower encoding, and everynow and then, it seems as if its not even using the USB dongle for encoding, as I will see my CPU go up to 100%. I checked the forums at www.elgato.com and there are a few complaints about it. We are just all waiting for them to come out with another update.

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    I had to downgrade. It wasn't recognizing the dongle and then would just crap itself after contemplating the input file for a while. Meh.
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    Can the turbo 264 be implemented at all to help out the encoding process of .mkv's to mp4s in VisualHub? Probably not, but just wondering...

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