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Anyone want to buy a brand spanking new Amiga?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by vniow, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Sun Baked

    About time, that system is chronically late.

    Something about people expecting it to ship just in time for last Christmas.

    [edit - should have noted that this was the development system.]
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    Amiga was a great graphic computer from Commodore which was their first GUI. At this point, MS/IBM were focused on accounting/number crunching type businesses, Apple/Mac were focused on DTP and creative business (ad agencies, smaller firms), and Amiga was focused on the audio/video market. When Amigas first came out PCs had 8 colors, Macs were B&W, and Amigas were editing ful motion, full color video!

    That whole Quartz extreme thing where graphics tasks are offloaded to the GPU, Amiga was doing that a decade+ ago. They had a following more loyal than the most rabid Apple loyalists. Hence the fact that the OS lives again (on new hardware) 10 years or so after the company died!
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    This is amazing! A full G3/G4 computer on an *upgrade card*!!! And the CPUs are upgradeable too! Stunning! Awesome! Im impressed!

    Maybe I can hook up the old A1200 mobo to it... that should rock...
    Long live AMIGA :D :D :D :D :D
    I love it!

    I wish them all luck on earth, since everything with an Amiga name was always kind of ill-fated. Three bankrupt companies held the system...

    It could be a curse... the current owner of AMIGA is Gateway!!! :eek: :cool: :D :D :D
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    Sun Baked

    And the link again to the Amiga corporate forum - Amiga One section.



    I think the Gateway stuff is long past, something about moving to another company who is outsourcing the dev of the OS and HW.

    But they have made some deals with the devil, MS. :(
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    okay i need an answer to this burning question.

    is it amiga or ameega ??
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    Amiga, spanish: "(girl)friend" pronounce "ami:ga"
    ... so in your words ameega ;)

    For infos:
    Look here!
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    Having been deep in the Amiga community back in the day while still familiar with other platforms there are a few corrections needed here.

    1. At the point of introduction Commodore had no focus on the audio/video market. 3rd parties catered to that once they realized it's capabilities but Commodore didn't really understand this until the Video Toaster was shipping and they had their Amiga 2000 system out on the market. They flirted more with the market when Harry Copperman became president of Commodore and they came out with Amigavision and the Amiga 3000.

    2. Amigas by themselves could never edit full motion and full color video. Add on products were needed and there were similar products available for the Mac and PC's at the time. Those other platforms tended to cost more though thus were not as prominent.

    3. What you compare as offloading graphics on Amiga's custom chips and today's quartz extreme are really apples and oranges. Amigas agnes, denise, and others were ahead of their time but many of those capabilities have been available in highend video cards for the Mac and PC for some time now. Cost was the issue for the most part. Now that so many resources are put into the 3D side of things, Apple and MS are utilizing the low cost high performance aspect of these.

    Don't get me wrong I loved the Amiga but there was alot of hype there that misled people on certain facts about the platform just like what often happens in the Mac market. It's just too bad the company was so mismanaged and had no vision. They could have easily been around today making an impact on the industry but for now they're nothing more than an also-ran.

    Also for those interested Gateway no longer owns Amiga. I believe they sold it off years ago.
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    You are much better informed than I...my thoughts were based on old memories, and the exact chronology/specifics are far more vague than yours!

    I do remember that when Amiga and Toasters were doing full motion video, SE/30s were still hot Macs. People may have been doing similar things on IIfx's, but Amiga really had the market cornered.

    Also, I didn't mean to imply that QE was the same as the ancient Amiga graphics system, only that Amiga (wisely) separated the graphics tasks, and thus were able to do computations faster than expected, as the processor was processing less frame buffer info, and that other consumer machines took a while to catch on to this.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Could you post links next time?

    I was first initiated to computer graphics on an Amiga - 2D and 3D animation back in 89/90, great stuff, way ahead of any pc at the time in that arena. It was sad to see them go. I can't imagine them having more than a niche (small one at that) market right now.

    Anyone know what the official website is?

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    Ahhhmmm... ;) www.amiga.com

    And yeah Duke, I miss DPaint too :( :(
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    Sun Baked

    Not too easy, since there are serveral - and the company front page splits off into five more groups (including forum).

    Official Company Forum: http://os.amiga.com/forums/

    Official Company Front Page: http://www.amiga.com/

    Official Distributor: http://www.eyetech.co.uk/
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