anyone [want to design me a tattoo]?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Pau.c, Sep 25, 2009.

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    anyone of you photoshop liking guys want to design me a tattoo?

    i want it to evolve around the 3 main things in my life except for the GF of course.

    Scooters, Drums and :apple:!

    i would appreciate any kind of designs and also you may add your signature at the bottom of the drawing so your signature will be on my arm, or wherever i decide to put it!

    i would do it myself but i cant do with photoshop!

    thank you in advance for any suggestions or designs!
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    AFAIK you do not need photoshop to design a tattoo. Frankly if you get one it should be special to you not to random strangers.
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    Why don't you go to a tattoo shop and tell them what you're wanting. They can design one for you there.
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    im not 100% about getting a tattoo just yet thats why i want a load of ideas!
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    $5000, please.

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    haha i love it! thats awesome! im not gonna do it though!
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    is that really the best title you have for a thread? and then you come on here looking for FREE work.
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    You, sir, are a tattoo design genius.
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    My arm hairs are a tad bit longer...If you could adjust that please I will PayPal you the $5000.
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    Tattoo? Sorry, no. It's a brand. Arm hairs aren't a problem. :D
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    What kind of scooters?
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    maxi scooters like the honda silverwing haha
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    Here's some from the random pic sweep of my hard drive

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    And a few more:

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    Ok. I'll do it. Just give me some time.:rolleyes:

    Ok. The tattoo will obviosly be more simply designed than this, but here is your tattoo! Enjoy. :rolleyes: [​IMG]

    Sorry about the repeated message but HERE is your tattoo. (you must have a well-enough upgraded version of quicktime to view it.)

    Also, try and ignore the blue square thing around the apple, that was an accident. hope you can come up with a good design after looking at this one. :rolleyes:
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    My attempt.

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