Anyone want to donate a logo for a church?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by emaja, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Not to me, but to my church. Our website is awful and as the resident "computer guy," I have been asked to re-do it. Our logo is horribly outdated and we have no budget for a professional logo job, but I was hoping that someone might want to mess around with Illustrator and see what they could come up with.

    I have no need for exclusivity, so if you are a pro and want to adapt a design that you already have, that's fine by me. If you come up with something new, and later want to adapt it for someone else, that's fine too. After all, beggers can't be choosers.

    I will give you full credit on the website, but no money. Sorry.

    I have a few ideas, but no artistic - or Illustrator - skills whatsoever. PM or email me if you are interested and I'll share them with you. This would be used in print and on the web and ideally I would like it to be scalable and be able to be used in a letterhead as well.

    I know I am asking for a lot - perhaps too much - but it is for a good cause and there are plenty of good people here, so I thought I would ask.

    Thanks in advance.
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    here you go:


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    Here it is again... with stars.

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    If you can provide me with some information, I'll do it for free for you. Definitely would be something good to build my resume. I've done plenty of identity projects in the past. Feel free to PM me or visit my website at for contact information.
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    I vote for the stars! But I think it needs a few red & white stripes in there too!
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    Wow.. you are a designer! Check me out!

    It's so good.. it might just become my avatar.

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    Jesus loves teamwork!
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    I think it needs more punctuation. It's very god like.
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    Well I couldn't just let you do all the work and still call this a team. So I added some more pizzaz to it.

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    Draw someone being crushed by the cross.:p
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    Orlando Furioso

    Loved the pizzaz but felt it could still use a little more punch.

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    thats a winner
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    Yeh... I'd like to see old fancy pants besler3035 try and top that one.
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    tis' impossible
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    haha there's no way! emaja your logo is complete. I realize you have no money which is fine, but I would really like a copy of the bible autographed by Jesus if you can spare one.
    I assume
    cr2sh and Orlando Furioso would like one as well.

    This should fit on most letter heads, provided you don't need to put too much text on the page after it.
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    Cut. Print. Set. Haha, not too often I laugh when reading the forums. I like the guns. :eek:

    I have to say the original logo has a string resemblance to the "Jesus and Pals" logo.

    Hopefully someone will come up with a legitimate design soon. I mean, the current one is good, but I just don't think the congregation will be "down" for it. If they are, I might have to visit.

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    Thanks for all the offers and a few laughs, too. I have a few serious offers and have emailed all the details to those that were interested in helping out.

    Thanks again guys. The response was better than I would have hoped for and I look forward to seeing the proposals.
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    Yes, cause south park is totally appropriate for church:p
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    Haha good on ya for having a sence of humor about this :)
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    I fully braced myself for it, and in a way I would have been dissappointed if it didn't happen here, knowing you guys. We do have standards, right?

    After all, I'm sure I am not the only one to re-read my posts about 30 times so that the grammar Nazis don't come out with their guns blazing - LOL!

    I also knew that I would get more than a few serious responses, so it was worth it.
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    cr2sh's pic in blue
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    Dang its a good thing emaja not a Muslim. Disrespecting some religions like you guys have been doing in this thread seems to be cause for rioting and murder.
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    This is the best thread I've seen in a while.
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    Your logo does have a certain 'pop' to it.. but it doesn't really have the gun toating flare of our church logo.

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    After G

    Thanks for the laughs, guys.
    I personally would like to see the blue logo with guns :-D

    Oh yea, and a link to the website when it's done would be good too.

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