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anyone who got a week 38 with macy gray on cover post thoughts

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ipaqman, Sep 24, 2007.

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    hey all,

    so i just purchased a week 38 16gb touch with macy gray on the cover. just wanted to know what peoples thoughts are with regards to screen and hiss problem with audio.

    post your thoughts.
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    There are several huge threads on this already. We really don't need another one.
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    but not specifically for the 16gig week 38 with macy gray box.
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    What exactly does the box have to do with anything, there IS in fact a monster thread that's specifically for week 38s.

    I poop on your Macy Gray box!
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    the macy grey box is the newer one.
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    it's good

    It's perfect. I tested on some very dark videos and it did great. I haven't had any problems yet with it overall. I got it Thursday in the mail from Apple.
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    I had a week 37 from BB that I returned and exchanged for a week 38 w/ Macy Gray on the cover.

    Screen is much better, the "negative black" effect is gone. I've watched 300 which has many dark scenes with no problems.
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    any problems with the sound hiss?
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    I didn't notice it in either the 37 or the 38.

    I don't have anything better than the stock earbuds though.

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