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Anyone with a Decal / Sticker on their MPB?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by TJunkers, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Can anyone here post a picture of a sticker, etch or decal on their Unibody MBP?

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    I have one on my Aluminum MacBook

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    I do like. What kind of sticker is that?

    I have a big sticker on mine...its called an invisible shield.

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    looks nice! How much time did you spend on it to get it looking right? I bought invisibleShield for the iPhone and messed it up.
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    where did you buy it? is it removable?

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    invisibleshield.com, yes
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    Just one:

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    Its a tribal decal. I got it because it looks like a snake (somewhat) and I'm born in the year of the snake.

    Here's the link. Its a vinyl sticker, its not removable.

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    All in all with the top, bottom, sides, and palm rest pieces...maybe 45 minutes. Then another 24 hours for it to dry. I had one on my last iPhone and I agree, it was a royal pain in the ass to install.
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    I ordered one more of these so I'd be ready when I got my new 'pooter:

    (that's on my old powerbook)
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    I have this on my MBP. The fit is not exact though. I had a green on on my old MBP that was perfect. I'm not sure if this blue one wasn't cut right or the logo changed slightly with the new unibody MBP's.

    Anyway, thinking about getting something else but haven't found a die cut I like yet.

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    I just took off the back cover and changed the color of the apple that way. I had to send in my MBP for a logic board replacement and nothing was said..although i took out the colored paper (forgot what the paper is called) out and put the stock white back...
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    i'm tempted to get one for my BB storm but am nervous i'd mess up my phone
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    Gaa! Why would you desecrate a Mac so???

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    Yes, I liked the stickers on my old PC laptop from work so much that I peeled them off and stuck them on my new MBP.

    No I didn't. That's crazy talk. I googled for pictures of the stickers and used that.

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    You're a braver soul than me. I bought those films you can put inside the lid but chickened out on my old MBP. I don't even think it's possible on the new MBP.

    on the old one, I started to pry the lid off, it seemed really difficult and I decided it wasn't worth scratching or breaking it. That's when I went with the one I have now.
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    Id never put anything on my MBP, i didnt spend $2k just to vandalize it. I change the stuff on the inside if i want to customize it.
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    haha you'll freak if you saw the guy that drew on his entire macbook air's top cover with a sharpie. He was giving it a "tattoo" he said. :p
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    Clearly you don't know the meaning of the word vandalize. For the record it means to destroy maliciously.

    These people are decorating their MacBook / MacBook Pro's. The decoration may not suit you - it dosen't suit me - but it certainly isn't vandalism, rather free expression.
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    Meh I'd go ahead and get one for it. Just take your time on the install.

    It's not so much vandalization as it is personalization to set a MacBook Pro off from one like yours, per se.
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    Yep. I know many people who have the same macbook as me. It gets confusing when we all put it in a row.
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    I don't think it's vandalizing at all. I think subtle designs are pretty cool on macs. Personally, I'd never put anything on it I knew I couldn't easily remove at some point in time.

    I also get a kick out of the macs out there that have some type of graphic on the Apple logo on the lid. I think it makes the mac stand out from the others just a little.

    The guy who did the Sharpie...insane!!
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    haha, i was more sketched installing the RAM than the transparency paper, which i think that is what the paper is called you use to change the colour. It is actually quite easy to do. I have a yellow, and orange and a green waiting to be used...just cant decide :)

    I see people at my art school that have soo many stickers, their Macs' look like a surfboard:)

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