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Anyone's 4G ship yet?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kungfu, Jul 20, 2004.

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    ... just wondering if anyone's 4G iPod has shipped yet...? I ordered a 40 gig early yesterday morning with overnight shipping and the order status still says "Open". I thought the PR release said that they were available immediately, but maybe the order status isn't always accurate...?

    Maybe tomorrow...
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    Happened to go to the Apple store just as the new iPod was launched yesterday morning (UK time)... I had completed my order within 5 minutes, so definitely no more than 10 min after they were made available.. I was assuming (rightly I think) that I'd be in the first 100 orders and I haven't got any news yet...just "open".
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    I would think that even before your ships they would be shipping those of us (such as myself) who ordered the old 40 gig late last week and now have a 4g 40 gig on the way... although... this morning I woke up (as I often do in the mornings) and looked at my order page. They had changed my engraving to some random person's name! So I called them and it was changed back on the order page but now it's back to the random guys name... so I guess I'll see... hmmmm....
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    Well, mine shipped! Hopefully I'll have it tomorrow (overnighted it), although the nothing shows up when I try tracking it through FedEx... We'll see...
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    wow, I'm impressed. I ordered mine yesterday afternoon, and got normal shipping. As of like 8:00 last night it hadn't shipped. Then I checked just now, 10:00 in the morning, and it has shipped and is supposed to arrive this afternoon. Admittedly, it's only traveling like an hour and a half, but still...
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    mine shipped today, too. i wonder when they deliver ;)

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