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Anyway to have MakeMKV auto select the correct main title?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jnick, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I have my dad using MakeMKV/Handbrake for his AppleTV conversions. We are doing near lossless rips of BD-Roms and DVDs. Storage is not an issue for him. He does NOT have a Mac (yet), however all of his mobile devices and HT setup is Apple based (iPad2, iPhone 4S and AppleTV). The main problem he is finding is how to select the right title in MakeMKV. Too many times he will select the wrong title and wast 2+ hours of conversions.

    Is there any way to have MakeMKV select the right title for your region? I know DVDFab does this and he is very close to making the switch. Before he goes drastic swapping programs and needing a new work flow, I wondered if MakeMKV can do the same.

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    First set it up to only search for your language tracks. Second, I have it set to discard any track smaller than 3600 seconds. Finally, if you have more than 1 track after ripping, play the mkv in vlc and note what track it plays. When you load it into HB, select the track # you noted from vlc.
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    mic j, where does VLC show that track number?
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    Video (pull-down)>Video Track

    If there are multiple tracks, look for the one that is checked. It will accurately reflect the track # in the HB menu.
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    Yup, VLC is your friend. Check Audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and like mic j said, video tracks. I always double check my rips.
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    So are you saying you use MakeMKV and rip ALL titles of the larger size? So if there are essentially 3 titles that could be the main movie, you rip all 3 then verify the correct title in VLC?
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    After the MakeMKV scan, you can only guesstimate which is the title you are truly interested in. Some go with the theory that the longest one is usually the main one and then take a chance and only rip that one. Of course, if you're guess wrong, you have to re-rip. I prefer keep all of the long titles and then use VLC to know for sure prior to HB transcode. You can always go back to the mkv and remove unwanted main titles using Subler.

    I have to say, that I have rarely run across multiple titles.
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    Sometimes your left with MakeMKV showing two titles that look the same, but I've noticed a lot of times, one title will have chapters, and the other will not. In that case it's easy, the title with chapters is the one you want.
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    Yeah, I have only run across it twice. The first was Snatch, it had 4:3 aspect and widescreen on the same DVD. Same with Running Man. I just ripped both, figured out which was which in VLC, and trashed the 4:3 file.


    That would be a great feature to have in MakeMKV though. The ability to play a track from inside the program.
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    Mike has been saying that feature would be added for a while now. So, it's there, just needs implementation. Maybe go to the website, become a registered user (couldn't hurt), and keep requesting it.
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    Would it make sense to play the disc in VLC first and check which track is playing? I guess I don't understand why you'd want to rip all tracks (meeting size criteria) first rather than confirm the track in VLC and rip just that one. I'm new to this, so sorry if I'm missing something.

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    You can. Also, I set my minimum track length to 1500 seconds. It discards everything but the main title. Of course, if there are multiple main titles of greater 1500s length. They will all be in there. That is a rare situation. That's when I go to VLC and find the correct track.
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    Makes sense ... thanks mic j!

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