Anyway to hook the new apple tv to a projector?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by thetruth1985, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Right now I have 2 apple tv 2s and about 300 movies ripped for playback via my iMac. I'm looking to add another apple tv to my theater room but the problem is that my projector only has VGA, component, and composite inputs. I have tried using the old apple tv but the problem is that it is not powerful enough to play the movies I have ripped for the newer apple tv. I would like to find a way to hook the newer apple tv up rather than invest in a new tv or projector. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    I doubt you'll find a cheaper solution to convert HDMI to analog. If you're thinking about buying a new projector, this is probably the time to do it. Otherwise, the $120 for this adapter would allow you to get a few more years out of the projector.
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    I agree. I just don't see what makes this adapter so expensive. I just missed a deal on a sony projector from Dell for only $429 but it was 720p....The same as my current projector. The only difference was that it had a hdmi port. I think I will sit on the issue for a couple weeks and if nothing goes on sale, I will just buy the converter. Thanks for the input guys!
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    Considering what this adapter has to do, I think the price is very reasonable. It's not like it's a simple adapter such as HDMI to DVI. It is doing D/A for both video and audio. It is handling HDCP compliance. It will also convert the audio from HDMI to optical. For $120, it seems like a bargain to me, if it works as advertised.
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    Agreed, that adaptor is the way to go. If your projector has DVI inputs, you can convert HDMI to DVI, but it sounds like yours doesn't. The only other option is a projector with HDMI input. If you're concerned about spending $120 on an adaptor for your old projector, maybe the thing to do is wait until you can spring for a new projector. I wouldn't worry too much about 720p versus 1080p (unless you can afford it of course). I have a 16:9 720p projector pushing an 80" image and it looks great.

    Is the old Apple TV truly underpowered for your purposes? Have you tried it running Boxee or one of those other hacks?

    If you ripped these movies yourself (e.g. they're not Apple DRM'd) you might also look into non-Apple solutions like the WDTV Live, Boxee Box, etc.
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    I just purchased an HMDI to component converter on ebay for $35 for use with my ATV 2 on a TV with only component inputs. It works fine and is HDCP compliant.
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    I just checked tonight and rented itunes store content in HD plays back fine.
  13. thetruth1985, Jan 11, 2011
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    I will try it since it has a money back guarantee. I imagine adapters like this will get a lot more popular since I read earlier that all blu ray players released this year will only have output hd over hdmi. If it does not work then I will just spring for the Fury.
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    That looks like it should work. And it does say the following: "Fully HDCP compliant to provide highest level of signal quality."

    One thing it doesn't do is provide digital surround out. Since the AppleTV has optical out, this shouldn't be a big deal, but this could be a factor for some people depending on what they're trying to do.
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    Does this device allow you to set the output format? I have a SDTV with component inputs that only supports up to 480i. I know the ATV2 supports 480p output but does it support 480i? If not, how would I be able to do that?

    I ran into this problem before when I purchased the Apple Component Cables for my iPhone 4. My TV would not accept the 480p and I had no way to downconvert except to take the cables back and exchange them for the Composite Cables.
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    I want to buy a new Apple TV but I haven't because my TV is a 2003 CRT model that has no HDMI inputs. Am I in the same situation as you? How can I know if mine supports 480p or 480i? (There's no mention of either on the specifications page of the manual.)

    I have this 24" Toshiba 24AF42:

    Thanks krburrell, and I hope thetruth1985 tries one and lets us know how it works!
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    From the Amazon link:

    A ColorStream component-video input provides the ultimate picture quality from interlaced component-video signals; standard composite-video inputs accommodate all DVD players and most other video sources. You get two sets of rear AV inputs (one of which has S-video) as well as one set of front AV inputs for easy connection with a camcorder or gaming console. A rear AV output lets you hook the set up with a surround receiver. The 24AF42 also features V-Chip parental controls, a sleep timer, and a glow-in-the-dark universal remote control.

    480i only
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    Thank you. I missed that.

    I saw this on the Apple TV web page: "Compatible with high-definition TVs with HDMI and capable of 720p 60/50Hz"

    So I'm getting the feeling that unless I can find a device that will convert 720p to 480i, I'm out of luck getting an Apple TV to work with my current TV.
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    The ATV2 is capable of 480p output so deinterlacing is potentially all that would be required. I'm still not sure if the ATV2 can output 480i or not as that would solve the problem right there. Or if this converter allows you to select the output that would work. Does anyone know?
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