AOL Desktop finally ships

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2008.

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    I just downloaded it and it runs ok, but i will stick to firefox and safari
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    Seriously will AOL just die already? Everytime I think its finally done for good out comes some other thing with an aol name on it to waste the bandwidth of the world.
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    Why doesn't it list the "other great features"? Weird.
    Honestly, if I want "other great features" in my browser, I'll either use Firefox extensions, or I'll use Flock which is built on Firefox, so there's no surprises. On top of that, I come from that generation that spent its early- adult years reformatting AOL floppies for other uses, I've been well conditioned to sneer at their attempts to insinuate themselves between me and the Internet. :)

    I still don't know anyone who uses AOL messenger or other services, except for grandmothers whose computer-saavy grandkids live too far away to set them up with another ISP.
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    So does AOL still function as an "ISP" or are they just doing this free stuff now?
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    unbelievable trash

    ask for admin password
    beachball from start
    force quit at first run
    demand a dialup number to connect AIM???!!!

    This is utter crap. Im so wrong in thinking AOL can do slightly better on Mac.
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    AOL actually does still exist as an ISP, their number of dial-up subscribers continues to slide but its still in the millions.

    They have been attempting to reinvent themselves as a property similar to Yahoo and have their own revenues from their search engine, while giving the masses free access to their own content which included internet radio and other things.

    Most importantly... and many do not realize this AOL owns a lot of other domains and businesses. The Engadget site is an example. That generates ad revenues and the like for them.

    They have not been " cool " for many years but they are alive.

    I downloaded their beta desk top and it was so clunky I deinstalled it immediately. I rather doubt I will give this one a go.
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    I mistakenly signed up for AOL years ago so I would have internet access while traveling. When I tried to cancel it I ran into their crappy techniques to block me like many youtube videos have demonstrated. I have hoped for their complete humiliating destruction ever since.

    EDIT: ugh. I just listened to Vincent Ferrari's recording of his call to cancel AOL and my blood boils again. Just google AOL sucks. Mine was so similar. I thought it would take a minute so I called during a break at work. I was eventually screaming at the guy to cancel my account. Everyone at the office was like wtf. By the time I got the guy to do it I had to wait for their system to process a cancellation code. They must be using a commodore 64 as their server for how long it took.
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    Cancel ... The ... Account. yikes.
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    Ahhh, AOL brings their bloatware to the Mac. How nice. I'm just glad I ditched AOL 4 years ago.
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    Is it WebKit?
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