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Aol Radio work ok on edge?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by aerospace, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I will not be upgrading to 3g *hugs iphone*

    Any other apps 3g only? Or gps only?
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    Yes, I can verify it works on Edge. Lower quality than WiFi, but it works. Also switches back from Edge to WiFi nicely, but takes a few seconds of silence going the other way.
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    I haven't tried aol radio on edge yet but i can put my 2 cents in here for uXM which is on installer (which I just lost cause of my want of app store!) and it worked awesome over edge.
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    does it buffer adequately?

    ie. if my signal isn't great does the music get choppy, or does it run off the downloaded part
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    Don't know for sure, haven't tried driving around with it. :)

    It did have a good few second pause when I went from WiFi to Edge, but didn't really have any bumps when I stayed on a network.
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    If you run it on Edge only and have wifi switched off it works superbly. I've been playing it while it's in the charging cradle and it hasn't buffered once.

    But what I don't know is whether it uses your minutes while you are connected. Does anybody know the answer to this?
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    Pandora works semi-okay on edge.

    Did not try AOL Radio.
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    I had a problem with pandora skipping to the next song 1/3 the way through a tune. But that was on WiFi or Edge. Otherwise the quality was excellent. (For streamed audio that is.)

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