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API help on connecting over wireless to iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by whitehexagon, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I looking for tips/pointers on which API's to use that support connecting to the iPhone from my mac using wireless, or even from another iphone.

    I've seen this is possible with the 'Air Sharing' application, but not sure where to start. Is it somehow possible to setup server sockets?

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    The standard BSD sockets are available, I guess CFSocket are an option as well. Check out the sample codes such as WiTap.
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    seems like there is a dependency on Bonjour for two phones to be able to find each other then? I supose what I really trying to do here an an ad hoc local network between phones and it's starting to sound like it's not possible.
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    There is not dependency on Bonjour, just because the sample code uses it doesn't mean you *have to* ... but otherwise you need to know the IP address and port to connect to, which is obviously less user-friendly.

    I don't think an iPhone can *create* an ad-hoc Wifi network, altough it can join one. At least on mine I don't see how to do this :confused:

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