Apogee Duet problem sounds bad...

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Sir Cecil, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Just bought one of these and was looking forward to opening it and setting it up this weekend.... until I read about the troubles many are having with the Duet
    Go to Google and enter "Apogee Duet kernal panics" and check out the frustration in the forums that come up.
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    What is your question?
    Have you opened and installed your hardware, and have you experienced problems?
    Or are you asking whether you should return it unopened for a refund based on some Internet complaints?

    FWIW I know several people with Duets that work perfectly and none with failures.
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    There is a known problem with the Duet. I have one and it is prone to KPs when switching users and very occasionally when switching sample rates (though not like before the 1.3 EFI update). But, not all users are experiencing those problems.

    Apogee had recognised there is an issue and claim there is a fix in progress. What I don't know is whether this is connected to broader issues with Core Audio or specific to the unit and Leopard.

    Apart from the KPs The Duet is a joy to use and sounds magnificient. I'm keeping mine until 10.5.3 and/if Apogee release new drivers because I really would like this to be a terminal purchase.
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    Apogee is replying to these countless online complaints by telling people they might be able to lessen the crashes and kernal panics by removing RAM from their macs (if they have more than 2GB installed)... or to go back to using Tiger instead of Leopard. Great!
    And yet they market and sell this unit as being perfectly integrated with the mac. When I called them a few days ago, prior to buying the Duet, (mainly to ask if there might be any compatibility problems with editing programs I use like Peak), they told me personally that the machine would be a perfect match for my new Macbook Pro. They said nothing of the clear and widespread firewire incompatibility that their own staff have acknowledged in forums – and that they have known about for months, have no fix for, and can't guarantee there will be a fix for.
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    did you come here to seek reassurance about Apogee, or just to have a go at them?
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    The problem is probably more of Apple's making than Apogee's and the consensus seems to be that the firewire connection is at the heart of the matter. I just think it's important to let people know that Apogee are now saying their perfectly-mac-integrated Duets are likely to have kernal panics and crashing problems if used with a mac with more than 2BG of RAM, and that they presently recommend using Tiger rather than Leopard. There is no assurance Apple will come to the rescue, and all we know for sure is that the problem is a known one.

    I wish I had known this before buying it. I would have waited to see if the problems were going to be fixed. Perhaps others would prefer to know of these confirmed problems before they invest their $500, rather than afterwards.

    I also wasn't very impressed when my Duet arrived yesterday with THREE different serial numbers! Bought directly from Sweetwater, the box shows serial number DU 22079. The sticker on the back of the unit says DU 22045. Inside the box, there's a sheet of paper with peel-off barcode labels on it, with the serial number DU 22046. To say I'm unimpressed is an understatement.

    ADDITION: I see from visiting the Apple Store today that their Duets contain two RCA adaptors, with an additional info sheet relating to them. These were not supplied in the Sweetwater box.
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    Cecil, you obviously have a case of buyers remorse. I think you should return it and buy something else that you aren't predisposed against. I will tell you that you won't find anything else in that price range that will sound as nice...

    But if you can only return it unopened then, by all means, return it. And next time you might considering buying from someplace with a satisfaction guarantee or no hassle return policy (I can personally recommend MusiciansFriend and Sweetwater). That way you can actually test to see if the product is going to work for you before you having fits about whether or not to return it.
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    three serial numbers is dodgy (I hadn't realized you'd bought it already). i'd send it back to sweetwater and, at a minimum, get the serial numbers straightened out.

    they should be good about the return, but imho one has to watch them. i returned a defective control surface to them, only to get a used one, also defective, in return (my sales guy swore he had no idea). that one went back, as well. insist that they get it right, they shouldn't hassle you about it.
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    Dude, your story changes too much to be credible. Sweetwater will take back the Duet, no problem. I think that's your best route.
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    I don't have to make up things to return an item to Sweetwater. They have a full return policy.
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