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[APP] Cutetown: the most beautiful maps for iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by JuliaRed, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hi, MacRumors community,

    Please look at our Cutetown app for iPad.

    Cutetown is a collaborative mapping service, it was just released in the AppStore.

    Cutetown app is a 3D-editor for iPad that allows to create a beautiful map, the most beautiful and high-detailed map of San Francisco. This map is created by users themselves: everyone can enjoy Cutetown and collaborate with others on the same map.
    The app is casual and convenient. It doesn’t require any special knowledge in 3D modelling or architecture to create the high-detailed models of real San Fran buildings.

    Here is our website (with video): http://www.cutetown.net/

    iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/cutetown/id581892481?mt=8


    We are just starting with this app, so, if you have any questions or ideas about Cutetown, please tell us. It's exactly what we need now. Or you can write us to founders@cutetown.net.
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    This looks really beautiful!! Are there any plans for other cities in USA and international maybe?
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    Thanks :) Yes, we are thinking about other cities all over the world, SF is just a trial step.

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