app for Ipad and Macbook for Journaling Exercise

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by tytbody, Dec 30, 2012.

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    hi all,
    I would like to have a journal for my ipad and my computer. I've found nice aps for the ipad but they don't sync with the computer.

    I don't like Pages but I'd like something like Word so I can journal and it be in both places.

    do I have to use Evernote for that? What other app would do this for me?
    I also have Notebook on my Ipad it's nice to have all these notebooks but I'd like to write in them from my computer also.

    I hope I'm explaining this correctly as to what I'd like to do.
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    Day One is the best I have found for me
    Mac and iOS devices
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    thank you going for it . So i"ll have to download something also to make it work on the computer? or it's on the computer and i'll download something tot he ipad?
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    There are separate apps for the Mac and the iPad
    You can sync thru iCloud or Dropbox I think
    I use Dropbox
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    see. I don't understand drop box. Drops what where?
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    I use MacJournal. Pricey, but a very nice, full-featured program. Only downside is that syncing is not automatic - you have to manually sync the iPad with the Mac.
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    Wow. That MacJournal is powerful. I really like that;) When a program does what you want and more, it's worth it. That is totally a whole program that can do a heck of a lot. I'm going to think about this. Or if they have a trial, see how easy it is to learn. Thank you.
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    I went with this now and yes, it's a winner. I love that I can just talk and it types it. Just right for so many quick messages.

    Thank you for the help.

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