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App for recording DJ mixes?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by millerrh, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Looking for a software application that would allow me to make recordings of long (1+ hour) DJ mixes and have the following features:

    - Insert markers and divide large track into multiple tracks that I could then burn onto a CD.
    - Minor editing/mastering capabilities (frequency filters, normalization, gain boost, ect.)

    I have used Amadeus II before for this and really liked it, however there were a few limitations (lack of gain reducing on input and frequency spectrum monitoring on recorded tracks).

    After searching through these forums, it seems like Peak LE might also be a good decision. Are there any others I am missing?
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    DSP Quattro X
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    You can get a longer recording time by reducing the BPM's.

    Or, just record your whole set with Wiretap or Audio Recorder, and then import the Aiff into Garageband.

    That's a decent free option anyway....
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    Traktor DJ Studio


    One very handy feature is saving Native Mix Files, not as audio files, but as scripts that run the mix for you so that you can go back and re-edit them before committing to a final mix. Of course, you can also export live and stored mixes with the ability to slice and dice as you see fit. I'd add more but I'm just getting to grips with it myself having purchased it a few weeks ago...

    Not cheap though, but there's a restricted demo version available for a 30-day evaluation.

    You might find this Ars article reviewing various DJ apps interesting.

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