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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by johnnybluejeans, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Anyone notice the recent changes to the app store? When I access it with my iPhone I can only browse 100 apps per category, and none of my apps are in the store now, only on iTunes.

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    This is a HORRIBLE move by Apple in my opinion, and it's going to kill a lot of small developers, and maybe even some big ones.

    Whether you have an app that took you a day to make or five months to make, once it drops off the top 100 of that category, watch your sales go bye-bye.

    This is really too bad. Boo Apple.
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    I'm pulling my hair out right now... surely they can't be THAT stupid? If it's NOT part of a bigger change, after all the work I've put into my app,
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    Even though I'm on the list right now, I share your concern. I'm not sure what the big deal is about creating some sub-categories for the larger sections. They can't leave it like this, as developers will stop submitting apps if they have little chance of ever appearing on the phone.
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    Hopefully they are still ironing out the logistics. The same apps are showing up multiple times after you click next 25 a few times.
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    Actually, what I think you're seeing is two things:

    1. The first 25 are newly released/updated apps. Since the next 75 apps are top apps, it's entirely possible that one of them is one of the newly released/updated apps. So it actually makes sense, if you know what the list is about. But it's going to be very confusing to the average phone user.

    2. Sometimes you'll see a double listing at the end of one page, and at the beginning of another. This is because the pages are cached, and the rankings have changed, and the caches haven't caught up with the database yet.
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    For new apps how are you ever going to get to the top apps if people can't find it. It's just not a good idea...
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    I have two apps, both of which are in the top 50 of their respective categories, yet neither of them show up in the App store. I've taken a serious sales hit in the last two days. This is outrageous.

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