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App Store reviews from non-owners disappeared

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by mstream2008, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Back in the old days everyone could write a review. So many left a comment (often meaningless, silly question or whatever else) without purchasing/downloading an app.
    Today I've just noticed the number of reviews for my game has dropped, browsing through them I noticed that it is the reviews from non-owners that disappeared.
    Has anyone else noticed such a change?
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    Five months ago it was forbidden to post reviews about apps you did not own. But previous, 'non-owners' reviews (made before September 27th) still remained.

    But I'm talking about REMOVAL of existing non-owner reviews. Today I've noticed that the number of reviews for many apps decreased, in some cases it is obvious that the reviews such as 'vote if I have to buy this' or 'this must be free' were removed.
    It seems Apple started to remove 'fake non-owners' reviews. Has anyone noticed that too?
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    Yup, I noticed this too. A couple of my reviews disappeared, one being just a commentary and not even a review, so I'm glad to see it's gone!
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    Yes, noticed that a few days ago with my apps as well. Over 20 reviews removed. Ridiculous.

    I was wondering why Doctor Q posted a link that seem to have no relevance to your OP.
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    Yes. Apple appears to have cleaned out a whole bunch of old bad reviews from the U.S. store. The ones saying that apps should be 99c or free.

    Did anyone lose a good review from an actual customer?
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