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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by koruki, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hi fellow developers,

    was after some information. Me and a friend are putting the final touches on an little game we created. We've went out of our way to make it support both iphone resolutions so people can use it on their new Retina display as well as 3GS/3G's resolution.

    I had a question about defining an app as HD. I've seen a new trend where people re-release their games with "HD" meaning it will support retina screen. Since our app will support both, whats the best way to do this. We don't want 3G/3GS owners to think their phones can't play the game cause certainly can.

    Does the App store have a way to let 3G/3GS owners know they can't download iPhone4 apps?

    thanks for any information you can provide. :)
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    App Store gives off a warning at you if you try to download an iPhone 4 app on a non-4 device before purchasing. I'd like to think that HD is for iPad apps. Maybe you can just add a 'for iPhone 4' to the name. Lots of devs do that.
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    I was worried adding for iPhone 4 will discourage 3G/3GS owners from downloading, we want to let them know one download that will work on all devices, if they upgrade to iPhone 4 later down the road they wont need to rebuy another version

    Also correct me if I'm wrong on this, I believe its confirmed that the iPad running iOS4 will support iPhone 4 resolution apps at nearly full screen with a little black spacing like widescreen mode
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    Hmm, I haven't heard this one yet. Got a source?
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    Sorry, I don't think it is confirmed. Watch this space =)

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