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App that changes settings on where you are?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jbro1999, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Just wondering if there is anything out there that changes settings on where you are according to GPS.

    Like say you are at work. You want WiFi, silent ringer, and BT turned off. It automagicly does this using GPS. When you leave it goes back to default settings.

    Home - WiFi, BT, 80% brightness, ringer on loudest level
    Parents house - WiFI and BT off to save battery (not like my battery life is bad anyway).

    Anything out there yet?
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    I don't know of any, but this is actually a good idea. I'd be interested if you find anything.
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    There was a app call myprofile or profiler and it was fully customizable. I don't remember if it worked on GPS or not but it could be programed for profiles depending on what wifi you were connected too.

    EDIT: myprofiles hasn't been updated in a while. You might give mobile profiles a try.
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    that is such a great idea bud, just so you know I am stealing it, I will send you a check one I hit the 100K copies sold :D:D:D

    Haven;t seen anything like that around, but it is a great great idea.

    If you want a temporary work around, you can use SBScheduale allow you to do this settings based on time (not GSP location).
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    Both myprofiles and mobile profiles do what you want sadly they don't seem to work on 4.0.
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    haha I should create it myself, I am a developer. Too busy though...

    Thanks guys! Hopefully they update this soon for 4.0.
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    sounds good in theory, but for it to be effective you'd need gps running constantly in the background. goodbye battery.

    setting profiles for time of day might be useful though, or even by place, so you'd just check off say home or work or sleep for a designated batch of settings.
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    Not really...

    yes it does (or it will) consume more battery but it is not bad at all, I am currently running PlaceTrack on the background and my battery is still excellent (of course it will be better without it). PlaceTack update Google Latitud based on my location and it only do it when my location change considerable (a few miles).

    From the Developer:

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    nice, that's pretty cool.
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    Yeah, I used an app like that back in the day on my Nokia 60 series (3560?) phone, I could put the phone into silent mode when it detected the cell tower near work.
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    I've been looking for something like this as well. Android apparently has an app that does just this and a guy at the office was showing it to me. I searched around for quite a while for this but did not find anything with GPS.
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    iComing on the ispazio repo sounds like it might fit the bill. I don't know if it has been updated for iOS4 yet tho
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    In addition to gps, it would be cool if it could change a setting based on which wifi you're connecte to, home wifi, work wifi, etc.
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    nothing that uses gps but sbscheduler is what I use to change my settings based on time of day (so at 8am it switches to work mode bluetooth off, push email off, etc, then at 5pm..swtiches back to various other settings etc)

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