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App to control home cinema connected to wifi ?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by stuartrozier, Jun 28, 2013.

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    I have a remote on my iphone to control my Samsung surround sound dvd player, a remote for the sony tv and obviously one for the sky box. They are all connected to the wireless network in the house.

    Is their an app that exists, that allows you to control everything? like the Logitech harmony remote does ? but over the wifi network ?

    many thanks,

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    I have never seen anything that is universal that will directly control those devices over wifi. I think the best you are going to find is something like the new Harmony Ultimate that communicates with a hub using RF, then the hub emits an IR signal to control all your devices. Logitech has a free iOS app you could use on your iPad to use these same controls.
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    I too have not seen anything yet. I know there are companies that make the software that can be used on the iPad and such, but the require their wifi to ir converters etc.
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    hello, thankyou for both your replies -

    i have been able to find one, it's called 'roomie' ....
    it does cost,

    but I did pay for it, installed it, and it found my...
    Apple TV,
    WD media player,
    Sony tv
    Samsung surround sound,

    and I managed to create an activity to operate all of these at once... very impressive !

    Stuart :)
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    Really!!!! Very very interesting! I have not looked in to it, but does it limit how many control devices? i.e. I can put this on my iPhones and iPads?

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