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Apple’s Safari browser market share up 46% year-over-year

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Sep 3, 2006.

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    so that equates to Mac market share up by 46% year on year, as the same number of people probably use Camino, Firefox etc. as before.

    Great :)
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    Great news :) I use Camino myself, but the spread of Safari can only be a good thing. The improvements in Leopard will certainly be welcomed.
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    I used to use Firefox, but with Apple constantly improving Safari with every update to 10.4, I had no choice but to go back. It keeps getting better and better :)
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    Make it as fast as FF 2 Beta, and I'll use it all the time. Safari 3 still isn't as fast. I like the UI better, but it's still a wee bit slow.
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    I like Safari, but still prefer the look and feel of Camino, (and thus also Firefox). There are certain features I feel Safari is lacking which prevents me from using it as my primary browser.

    That of course may change if Safari 3, (with 10.5), implements some of these minor features and of course there is the built-in ability to create custom widgets.....
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    Yup..i was using Camino, because i thought it looked better with Uno, but i went back to Bon Echo, and its much faster
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    I use Camino and Shiira, but when Shiira 2 is finished it will no doubt steal the stage once more
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    Analog Kid

    Hey-- thanks for pointing me to this one... I'm going to have to use it a bit, but it looks good.
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    wait, so what makes Camino and other's better that Safari?
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    I've been a long time user of Mozilla and Firefox, but Firefox folks refuse to support Keychain. I didn't like that Camino doesn't support Firefox plugins. I found safariblock to block ads on Safari. I've been using Safari for a while now, almost every site works fine. I only use Firefox to get CBSNews playlists to work. Firefox should add keychain support. Its silly that they don't. Makes them look like a Windows only package.
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    I prefer Safari, but I do use firefox a lot for compatibility and stability reasons. As those issues disappear, so do the reasons to use anything else.
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    The gecko base, because there are too many sites that do not handle KHTML browsers well (or vice versa).

    Personally I like the feel of Safari, especially when I am opening many tabs at once (Camino likes to send you to each new tab that you open, I can't seem to turn that feature off); however, Camino supports the websites I frequent much better.
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    I use Firefox on my iBook, because it's also what I prefer to use on Windows and Linux so it gives me consistency. Safari can't do that, although I'm sure it's decent software. But then again, I think IE 7 is pretty decent too.
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    What's the OS version for people having stability problems with Safari? I've never had a problem with Safari stability. And I can't remember a website that didn't work fine with Safari, other than video playlists on CBS news. I'm on 10.4.7 on a Macbook.
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    And so it should. The best browser I've ever used. I like my apps clean and simple, like MSN Mac messenger. Don't give me things I won't use :)
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    While it's good to know that Safari is claiming more of the market since that means that Macs are being bought, I don't know why people insist on using Safari. Firefox is a much better browser, especially the beta 2. It's excellent. It's fast, it's responsive, and it's stable. When a beta of Firefox is more stable than Safari, which will regularly crash on me and/or quit responding to my keyboard and mouse, then I know what I'm sticking with.
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    In the year and a half that I have owned my Mac Mini (my first Mac), Safari has crashed twice.

    I keep hearing these stories about Safari being so unstable, but I just don't see it. I use it alot too, I've been out of work due to an injury for 6 months and almost every day, all day, I spend browsing the web with Safari.

    Maybe I'm lucky, cause I really love it. I don't have any plug-ins loaded though, maybe that's it.
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    The increased marketshare could also be attributable to users browsing with Mac IE less and less (thank god).
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    I've been steering clear of Firefox recently since I heard people on MR talking about it having a bug that would max processor usage. When I have used Firefox, I've found the Windows version more responsive on similar hardware. I find Safari okay, but it's a bit sluggish.
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    I use Firefox on my Mac (because I also use Linux and XP regularly and have go used to it), and it crashes regularly. Not often, but a couple of times a month it will "quit unexpectedly". I only have the adblock and "modify headers" extensions, and AquaFox theme installed.

    I would probably use Safari more, but the lack of a Home button (I do know about shift-cmd-H) and an adblock equivalent keeps pushing me back to Firefox. On the other hand, the lack of a Home key shortcut in Firefox, for when I don't want to take my hands off the keyboard, annoys me almost as much as the lack of a Home button in Safari.
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    i've never had a single problem with safari. ever.

    and firefox for the mac is uuuugly.
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    I used to use Firefox all the time. I'd only ever use Safari because of the way Java would mess up in Firefox. Then I got sick of how many times I had to deal with Firefox opening and crashing and the interface and everything else. I'm happy with Safari.
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    I stand by what I have always said, "Opera is the world's finest web browser." The guys are Opera HQ seem to implement new features before the others, and their browser seems to just work better than any of the alternatives. They lost out big to Firefox on market share cause opera wasn't totally free to begin with, but they're still better.
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    Memory usage. Safari uses a ridiculous amount of memory.

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