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Apple’s zealots slice into Palm buy plan

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 24, 2005.

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    Hmmm...merry Christmas to you too! :)

    Interesting...lots of little snippets quoted out of context. I wonder what has him so upset? I understand not liking to get that sort of feedback....it'd have hurt me if I were in his place.

    Of course, he could've tried actually making a suggestion with business credibility.
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    This happens every other week


    This happens every other week now. Some journalist makes an anti-Apple like claim and Apple-heads bombard them with angry eMails, which the journalist takes out of context and writes their next article about.

    Personally, I don't blame the journalists, and I DO blame Apple-heads who get angry over stuff like this... feel free to write, but don't be annoying about it. Also provide evidence: this makes it hard for the journalist to get mad at you, since you have something to back up what you say.

    My reasoning behind the fact that Apple buying Palm is stupid: Palms aren't a huge untapped market: Palms don't have problems like pre-iPod MP3 Players had, pre-iTunes music services had, pre-iChat videochat services had, pre-iMac computers had, and like pre-iLife media apps had. Also, it goes against Apple's current focus: digital media. A company can't handle too many things at once.
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    The author received feedback that didn't cater to his ego!

    Oh the horror! :D
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    Only one benefit I see as to buying Palm - they get BeOS with the purchase (as long as Palm kept it instead of just buying and destroying all traces)
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    Agreed. People who rush in and flame make the community look bad :(
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    Just spend a little time over at MacDailyNews and you'll see where the last vestiges of 1980s Mac zealotry lurks. The site itself claims to promote constructive criticism of anti-Apple writers, but it doesn't change the fact that whenever any writer does anything even slightly anti-Apple, they print the author's name, address, phone number, and email address… seriously irresponsible.

    Some of these people make me ashamed to be a Mac user.
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    That's uncalled for. I suppose no interest group that involves human beings is totally free from such dregs.
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    If the author is suggesting that Apple buy Palm and introduce a new iPod line with input capabilities and call it its "Business iPod" or something that might work.

    However people will say, how come the other lines do not have this function of inputting data. Well the Shuffle does not have a screen and it does well even when the iPod Mini existed also the iPod Nano. The Nano is doing well even though the iPod has video functions.

    So in the end, yeah I see no reason why it cannot be done. It would be a great way to extend the iPod life-span. I mean after video where do we go from there, XM Radio, Steaming Video and Music, BlueTooth, WiFi N, more battery life. :eek:

    I see it coming, maybe in the distant future. :)
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    Actually the Mac Community is to be admired, considering any windows community would love such a dedicated following.

    We do not see our Macintosh as a tool, we see it as our persona. It is indeed whatever we want to make it, and to strike Steve Jobs or Apple would be blasphemy amongst the Mac Community. ;) :D
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    You call them dregs, and then say it's uncalled for when I say they make me ashamed? :) That's quite amusing - nice one. :)
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    I completely agree, and wouldn't say otherwise. I said though that Mac zealots like the kind that populate MDN are a serious problem. Look at some of the insults that guy got for making a simple business-related comment that happened to involve Apple - it's pathetic.

    Are you drunk already on Christmas wine and spirits? :)
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    sigh....when will these journalists realize that the vast majority of those sending nasty e-mails are 12-15 year olds with too much time on their hands...just like the REST of the internet.
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    I agree, it happens also when someone wins some Apple contest, like when Apple reached the milestone of 1 million (or was it 10 or 100 million) tracks downloaded on iTMS, people were publicly posting his home phone number, address, name, birthdate, etc on mac sites just to give him threatening calls/etc for winning, that's just sad, some people just don't have lives it seems like..

    I say "why not?" for the idea of purchasing palm, seriously in the last few years, how many times has Steve said NEVER EVER EVER and broke the mold and contradicted himself, he did so with the introduction of the iPod shuffle, the upcoming introduction of intel-based macs, and video support on the iPod
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    No, no no. I mean't that what they said (in terms of being rude to the author) was uncalled for not your post!

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    The main problem with Palm is that they've turned themselves into a clone maker by spinning off their software assets. All the really interesting technology belongs to Access. Apple could license Palm OS and make similar gadgets without buying Palm and all their problems, and that's why it's not likely to happen: anyone else could do the same.
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    Couldn't have said it better myself. :)
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    Ahhhhhhh, gotcha. :) I thought you'd been at the Christmas mulled wine too. ;)
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    If Apple takes over Palm, it won't make my day. I personally hate the Treo, which will forever put a dark cloud on the whole Palm thing. That OS is still quite complex, and I don't know why anyone would want Apple to include that into the iPod, when Apple is clearly quite capable of coming up with it's own portable OS.

    I'm certainly not free of complaints of the iPod, but cellphones and palm stuff have become stacked with bloat, and in the case of the Treo, it looks like some engineer just managed to stick two devices in one mildly integrated package.
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    No wine for me. I'm glad this was sorted out. :D
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    Thank you! That's what I thought when I read the article. Apple can make it's own PDA without Palm and kick their ass doing it. They have enough handhelf technology background, it's not like Palm would be in the way of Apple making a PDA. Writers like this shouldn't write about businesses unless they know the businesses. The writer clearly doesn't know about Apple, he just knows about the iPod.

    Hell, he didn't even know about the Mac zealots! Dadgum technology writers. I gave him a piece of my mind for both articles, but I didn't say anything mean. I just told him that it would never happen.

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