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Apple 17"Powerbook Wireless + linksys WAG54G = Dog slow performance?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by derekmcwilliams, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Chuck me a bone here - im really struggling!

    Ive got a Powerbook 17" and its linked to my Linksys54G and frankly - wireless performance is poor. Ive got a windows machine right next to my laptop running over wireless and it flies.

    Can someone help me with this issue? Do others have the same problem?

    Please help!

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    It's rather difficult to help without some detail. This is like going to your mechanic and saying "Fix my car", he replies "What's the trouble?" and you say "It's broke."
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    More info would be good like what security is running on the network - WEP, WPA? If you turn the encryption off (temporarily!), does the PB performance improve?

    Is the Linksys firmware up to date?

    Is your PB airport card installed properly? The antennae needs to be very firmly pushed into the card and it may have come loose - more likely if you are getting 'no signal' once you get beyond the immediate router area.

    If you take your PB out in the wild, does it connect to public wi-fi ports at a faster rate?
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    I have the exact same problem, except for the fact that I have a 15-in. PB. What really bugs me is that my sister's Toshiba laptop blazes along. Another interesting thing is that when I wake the PB from sleep, it occasionally will not recognize the network and I have to enter the first line of code in my 128 bit hex WEP. That really ticks me off...why shouldn't I just be able to enter the network password?!!? Anyone?
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    for some reason i can't seem to fly on linkseys either. but i switched to netgear routers and things r fast and smooth.
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    Wondering if it's really the router. I have the same Linksys router running three Mac's (iMac G5 17", MacMini, TiBook 15 1ghz) and four PC's, and the Mac's are just as fast as the PC's. They all scream.
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    You might want to check your firmware version. You may be hitting a router bug, especially if you are using WEP or WPA.
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    dkeninitz - what firmware version is your linksys running?

    Ive been thinking for a while that it might be the router..... Ive seen a few people with some wierd problems with their linksys routers, as much as I hate to say it, perhaps its time that I look for another make of router :(
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    look into the netgear routers, my PB flys with no worries and i can get reception from a 100 ft away.

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