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Apple 19" Flat-Panel iMac Petition

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Shrek, Jan 22, 2003.

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    Re: Apple 19" Flat-Panel iMac Petition

    I'm sorry, I'm not gonna sign this, the 17" is more than enough for me, heck Apple will probably release it anyway.

    BTW, inless you get like 10,000 + signatures for anything it doesn't happen.
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    19" is unnecessary, just give us support for two displays (i.e. an ADC port).
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    5 signatures and counting!
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    Tis simply not worth it, it would overwhelm the base, plus it would look hideous. If anything, they need to enable the extended desktop and give it better video cards.
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    Here here! AssassinTheGates, let's create a new petition for the addition of an ADC port.
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    um. . . bump!

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    Bump, Bump, Bump. . .

    Um, bump again. :( :( :(
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Not needed in my view, I have seen the 17 and think its is perfect unless you want to use your imac as a tv in your living room then maybe a 19. But really sitting next to the 17 is all that is needed. Now if you want to start a petition how about one that dumps motorolas cpus and their itsy bitsy tiny winy bumps and put in a screamer in the imac with a kick butt video card lets say the new fx or that other companies 9700 NOW THAT WOULD BE A MACHINE!!! I Know cant do that cause of the powermacs again! Gee
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    Let's try this again, shall we? :p ;)
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    You guys are getting way to obsessed with these petitions. First Sim City 4 and now this. Do you think apple really gives a rats a** is you guys make a petition. But if it makes you guys feel better to make a petition than i guess there is nothing wrong in doing it. I wont be signing it just because i think it will be stupid.

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    Gee, iJon, thanks for the flame. :eek:
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    sorry man, i guess that was a little harsh. i guess i just feel making these would be pointless. i guess if signing it would get us another computer that i can sell and make money off of i will sign it. no hard feeings right? sorry again.

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    I think a 19 inch would look great. Aimed at the home user who uses photoshop and does simple DV editing.

    But I dont think the petition is nessessary because I bet apple will release a 19 incher soon.
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    Hey. I'm starting a petition for a tri-processor, 42" OLED iMac. Here's what it could look like:

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    Dont Hurt Me

    I LOVE IT! now what kind of cpu is it going to have?
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    obviously 4 terahertz G5s. and it will be released next week, too. :)
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    You mean a 50% chance of being released next week.[​IMG]
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    enough with the stupid petitions already, if you want to tell apple you would like a 19" iMac then send them straight feedback. Hey heres an idea, how about all of you sign my petition for apple to give me a free 12" powerbook.....whats that you say, a waste of time? exactly.
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    wow, now i dont feel so bad about my comment. at least someone agrees with me.

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    Re: Apple 19" Flat-Panel iMac Petition

    I'm not going to sign. But not because I want one, I think one would be great. Unlike most users here, I think the current iMac is a little bottom heavy and with the humongous iMac base, ad 19" monitor would look great V.

    However, Apple can't bump the current iMacs or seem to drop the price enough to woo any switchers. A 19" iMac from Apple would probably go for $4000 with and 800MHz G4 and would take forever to deliver, while they wait for current 17" inventory to diminish. You know how Intel diminishes current inventory? Price drops.

    I'm waiting for a speed bumped, hopefully to 1GHz iMac 17". I'm going to purchase an AE base with it. While I wait, not just for the product, to know if there will even be a speed bump, AE, BT, etc. I see linksys has an 802.11g wireless access point that matches my cable modem for $129.

    There does come a point of diminishing returns for the extra cost and the wait.

    I want an iMac, I will buy one at 1GHz at current prices, with a $200 price drop with 933MHz. But I'm not waiting past Valentine's day.
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    i wonder how many people here would sign a petition against one? :rolleyes:

    if you want a bigger display, get a frigging powermac. no consumer needs a 19"... i wouldn't mind seeing an ADC port, but that's not going to happen either. live with it.

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    That's just it. PowerMac's are way too much money to pay just to get a large screen. :p
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    welcome to the world of apple.

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    I am a consumer with a 19 inch CRT. If a 19 inch iMac was released for less than $2200, I would buy it in a second. What a person needs and what a person wants are often very different! :D

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