Apple Acknowledges iMac Freezing Issue, Fix In Works

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Apple has acknowledged an iMac freezing issue that was published by AppleInsider earlier this week.

    AppleInsider had noted two growing Apple discussion boards filling with complaints regarding the issue (one, two). Indeed, MacRumors' own forums have dealt with the issue.

    It has been suggested that the ATI graphics drivers are to blame, as the issue became more pronounced after iMac Software Update 1.1. Both software updates for the new iMac have been geared towards the graphics drivers.

    In a statement to Macworld, Apple confirms it is aware of the issue and assures a fix is coming.

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    yup, please apple get on this

    ours freezes most often using itunes. have to hard restart. does "later this month" just coincide with the last updates sent out before 10.5?
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    I have yet to experience this issue and hopefully never do.
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    Finally. Maybe they can make drivers for them that don't suck. I mean bug fixes are critically important and all, but how about some performance improvements?
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    mac 2005

    If the issue is tied to the last update, how does one go about removing said update? Anyone relying on their iMac for professional projects (i.e., income) may not see a solution "later this month" as being helpful.
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    What? Apple actually admitted to a bug rather than acting like the big stone idol? What is this world coming to?

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    iMac issues

    Actually, this is impressive -- Apple is actually addressing this issue at the start. When the G5 iMacs were shutting down due to overheating, the motherboard, logic board, and power supply replacements were done quietly. It's a good thing that this issue is being dealt with head on, and in turn will hopefully restore faith among Mac consumers concerned with quality control.
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    They always do it in the end, its just annoying when you have the problem and they deny it like when I had the random shutdown syndrome with my Macbook...
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    well i thought apple would say more like "later this week" instead of "later this month".

    anyways, at least they are working on it.
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    My iMac has had this problem since day one (the day they were released), and subsequent updates made no difference for better or for worse.

    To those who are frustrated when given unhelpful information by Apple employees when the problem first happens, what do you expect? You have a non-reproducible bug they're not aware of - what are they supposed to do?
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    Dont Hurt Me

    This restores my confidence in Apple, much better then nothing said for months.
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    And if this was Microsoft there would be an uproar that MS sucks. But when its Apple....Good work Apple for staying ontop of this. *sighs* Double standard indeed. :rolleyes:
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    MS don't make the software specifically for each hardware item, this would be Dell/Toshiba/Lenovo etc's job...and in fact there are hardware/software conflicts all the time in the PC world, especially with Vista...
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    Sorry for the n00b question but is this update only for the newly released iMac (the aluminum one) or for all the Core 2 Duo iMacs?

    I was just wondering because my white 20" Core 2 Duo iMac seems to freeze up sometimes and I was interested to see if this update will solve my problems.
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    Oh yes!

    Hope this is a confirmed and true news... 'cause I was start hating Apple, and I dont want. Even if my iMac rolling at 1.0 update is working well now...
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    Blame Canada....

    Well, no. Apple admited to ATI's software (drivers) having a bug. IE "It's not our fault".

    Huh...I typed "IE" in my post and Safari locked up......Camino didn't seem to mind :)
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    My iMac C2E 24" was freezing every 15 min approx. last week, just after updating to "iMac software update 1.1".

    I then ran all MainMenu scripts, Disk Warrior, Disk utility's repair disk (from the tiger installation disks), disabled all login items, and the issue seems to have dissapeared except for when I play any games like Command & Conquer.

    Still waiting for the fix... Glad to see Apple is working on this...
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    Here's hoping

    I hope they fix it soon! I've been waiting for for about a year and a half!!!!
    I'm planning on buying when Leopard launches. Come on, Apple and Ati! Give me a computer and operating system that really rocks!

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    Doctor Q

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    I hope word gets out to the Genius Bars, so they give people the right information. Sometimes the people on the front repair lines don't know Apple's party line on acknowledged problems.
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    So far, I haven't had any problems with my iMac.
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    Is this C&C under OS X, or a bootcamp reboot into XP / Vista.

    I'm getting a C2E iMac as soon as Leopard ships, and love C&C, and wondered if I should get the OS X or the Windows version.
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    Yeah....the software update later this month is called Leopard ;)

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    Boot Camp on my white iMac C2D takes about 10 seconds after pressing "return" before anything happens. This started after the firmware upgrade.
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    One has to ask...Don't they test these things before they release them???
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    Thank goodness for this. I've had decent luck after reverting back to firmware update 1.0, but I still get freezes in some games, and artifacts in others.

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