Apple Acquires Social Recommendation Service Spotsetter

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    Apple has acquired Spotsetter, a social search engine designed to offer personalized recommendations on places to visit, reports TechCrunch. The Spotsetter app, which has now been removed from the App Store, offered personal recommendations for "great venues to eat, play, drink, and shop" via existing social networks.

    The app integrated with social networks like Facebook to aggregate data on locations recommended by friends, and it included results personalized for an individual's "taste and trust."
    Spotsetter announced plans to shut down its app six days ago, but did not give a reason for the removal. Its co-founders, Stephen Tse and Johnny Lee are now listed as Apple employees on LinkedIn, however.
    According to TechCrunch, Apple may be planning to use Spotsetter's technology, which layered social data on a maps interface, to bolster its Maps app with location recommendations. The deal, for an unspecified amount, was said to focus mainly on the technology and the talent of Spotsetter's founders.

    Article Link: Apple Acquires Social Recommendation Service Spotsetter
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    May 3, 2009
    Looks like Apple is bolstering its social offerings.
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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Jul 15, 2011
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    surely more for mapping
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    What was the price?
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    Feb 4, 2011
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    It looks to be a replacement and/or competition for Yelp !
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    Seattle, WA
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    Oct 18, 2012
    I think Google bought Waze.
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    This whole cottage industry is saturated to the hilt.
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    Mark Booth

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    As much as I wanted to see Apple kick Google's butt in court, I think this strategy is the better approach. Apple continues to make the moves necessary to make Google redundant under iOS and Mac OS (well, as redundant as they can). I find myself using Google's services less and less and also find myself increasingly happy with Apple's offerings. And that's good in a lot of ways, not the least of which is that I trust Apple with my personal information a LOT more than I trust Google.

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    More shanks into the google revenue stream. I love it.
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    Jun 6, 2014
    Should have been Foursquare many many years ago!
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    For being such a perfectionist his headphones sounded like crap.
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    Jul 17, 2011
    Apple is pretty good at buying companies I've never heard of, while Google buys a number of large companies with whom I'm more familiar.
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    wrong article?
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    As an investor, I much prefer Apple's strategy.

    The Beats purchase is a significant departure from that, I guess, but in general.
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    It helps them get a good deal when they aren't after the brand itself. Just being unknown outside of tech circles doesn't mean untalented or lacking a good product.
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    Oct 3, 2013
    Steve Jobs would have never done this. What a waste of money. This is not the apple I grew up with. As a shareholder I am outraged. They should have bought Spotifysetter.


    Do I take advise on headphones from a guy who can't post in the right thread or one of the most successful music producers of all time?
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    Jul 17, 2011
    I agree, however, buying a better known or better company gives you a quicker benefit. Less time would be spent developing the product to compete against a bigger and more established company.
    Zagat was bought by Google. They're among the most respected and trusted review site out there and have over 30 years of data.
    Waze is another one. It took less than a year to incorporate it into their Maps app and website. Nest? Already 2 products on the market and would have been a good start for home automation/integration.

    I'm all for adding services and value to existing products, but sometimes you gotta pony up the big bucks to get the big name. Beats is not among those I would have guessed.
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    Oct 13, 2008
    Everywhere And Nowhere
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    Mar 8, 2012
    Very innovative of Apple. Almost as innovative as taking a magnetic plug used on Asian Water Kettle and putting it on a laptop and then patenting it.
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    At least in the case of Zagat, I don't think that would have been a very Apple-like purchase. They don't typically buy broader services, more things they can develop further and integrate as part of the Apple brand. Google has a greater focus on advertising, but I'm still unsure how they intend to integrate a brand which is best known for dining reviews, especially at the mid to upper level as far as meal cost is concerned. It would also surprise me in a similar manner if Apple bought OpenTable.

    I wouldn't have guessed Beats either. The headphones have interesting aesthetics. I don't know much about their streaming service, but I've always liked Pandora and Spotify. At similar headphone price points, I would buy Sennheisers or simply research smaller brands rather than Beats, but that is personal preference. They seem a lot like a fashion brand without any really strong engineering, although I suspect it takes a long time to perfect the engineering on headphones.
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    Aussie living in Canada
    It's always exciting when Apple snaps up a company, and watching their tech get implemented

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